Sad to Be Better

Today was my last appointment with my Physical Therapist. Boo. I am happy that I am ready to run again, but sad to stop working with her. She definitely someone I would be friends with in real life :)

But- my running is not the only reason I won’t be working with her anymore. She’s moving back home to Canada!!! It was very fun to talk with her about moving and Vegas and other stuff. Thanks Lisanne (oh Gosh, I hope I spelled that right).IMG_6340

Healing my Knee Plan going forward:

  • continue my hip strengthening exercises 5 days a week
  • build up mileage slowly and cut back if my knee hurts
  • ice if I have pain
  • go back to PT if I have a big set back

After Ben got home from work we took a short walk. I wanted him to take a picture of us, but he refused to stop walking so this pic is an action shot of sorts…IMG_6344

Today’s eats where great until dinner time. I have decided the random snacks I eat that never make it to the blog are my biggest downfall (this includes nighttime eating). So today I vowed to not eat anything outside of Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and Dinner.

I had my afternoon snack around 4pm and that was my only non-meal eats today! IMG_6342

Well, for dinner all I wanted was snacky foods! My cravings were determined to snack! I ended up eating popcorn, half a granola bar, a piece of bread…IMG_6345

and a huge smoothie with chocolate syrup and Cheerios. IMG_6348

I guess snacking is a compulsive habit that I didn’t get out of my system during the day like I normally do. Wow. This really taught me a lot about how deep of a habit the snacking is and since I’ve been doing it for so long my body really reacts weird when I stop. Pondering this will continue, but I’ll spare you anymore.


  1. says

    for a split second i read “i am moving back to canada” and i was like…i thought this chica was from CA?! hahaha! oh silly me trying to read stuff at 11pm. wow i am a granny :)

  2. Kellie says

    Maybe snacking is what your body needs. I heard that snacking (as long as nutritious) throughout the day is the best way to eat. That way your metabolism is always working.

  3. says

    Congratulations on being able to run again. Sounds like a sensible plan to get back into it.

    Snacking is my downfall too. Mostly at night. It is very much a habit.

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