Off to Fitbloggin


Morning friends :) I woke up bright and early for Fitbloggin! I actually woke myself up out of a dream because I was laughing. Has that ever happened to you before? I was laughing with my friend and actually woke myself up laughing so loud. Weirdest wake up ever :) I decided against running the Fitbloggin 5K because I didn’t want to subject my fellow bloggers to my stink … [Read more...]

Lunch Dessert and Dinner Dessert


Something was missing from my lunch today. After I was done with my salad and fruit… and my tragic frozen meal (which left a lot to be desired) I still felt unsatisfied. I decided lunch dessert was in order, or should I say “lessert”? Yes, that’s better :) This afternoon I babysat. I have brought trail mix as a snack a few times and one of them really likes it. We … [Read more...]