Lunch Dessert and Dinner Dessert

Something was missing from my lunch today. After I was done with my salad and fruit…IMG_6354 IMG_6355

and my tragic frozen meal (which left a lot to be desired) I still felt unsatisfied.IMG_6356

I decided lunch dessert was in order, or should I say “lessert”?

Yes, that’s better :)IMG_6358

This afternoon I babysat. I have brought trail mix as a snack a few times and one of them really likes it. IMG_6362

We decided to make trail mix with the food they had on hand today. It was fun to raid the cabinets and let them choose their own mixes. This is a good idea for “making” a snack with little kids and letting them get into it!IMG_6360

Dinner was influenced by an afternoon errand to Trader Joes. I picked up a package of sushi to enjoy.IMG_6364

And paired it with a salad for veggies and volume!IMG_6365

Somehow a piece of toast got in there too!? How does that always happen when I make toast for Ben. Hmmm.IMG_6366

I know I already had lunch dessert, but I’m going to grab a small handful of these chocolate chips. I really struggled with whether or not to get these and if it seems like they are going to be a problem I’ll toss ‘em. IMG_6368 I need to finish up some things before I get to bed. In the morning it’s Fitbloggin!!!


  1. says

    I agree with Amy B about Trader Joe’s white chocolate chips. They’re really good!
    I firmly believe in both lunch and dinner dessert. Every meal should end on a sweet note!
    Have a great time at Fit Bloggin today.

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