Intuitive Eating – The Fight Continues


I haven’t dedicated a post to Intuitive Eating (IE) lately because I’ve been trying to just live it and over thinking it definitely makes it harder sometimes. The other day I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had binged. Don’t get me wrong – mindless eating and overeating happens, but binging not so much. I’m very happy about that. Since I have made great … [Read more...]

Sugar is Sugar is Sugar


This morning I tried NuStevia in my coffee. I got a sample of it at Whole Foods this weekend. It was the perfect amount of sweetness and didn’t have a weird aftertaste :) I like stevia, but also use brown sugar, maple syrup and even Splenda depending on what I’m making… My exploration of Stevia reminded me of a very good question reader Emily asked recently, and I … [Read more...]

Foods of Spring and Fitbloggin Recap


I am loving this warm weather! I especially love eating my favorite summer spring foods on these sunny days :) I usually call these foods summer foods, but yesterday was the first day of Spring, so I’m a little early for that! This morning Ben and I took a walk. Sundays are usually a rest day for me since I plan long runs for Saturdays. Even though I haven’t been running … [Read more...]