Weight Loss Wednesday: The Fit Bride


Hello and welcome to another inspiring story of weight loss :) I am always so interested in other people’s journeys to a healthier and happier life – I hope you guys like this feature as much as I do! This week Brie from the Fit Bride is sharing her story… Before: · How many pounds did you lose? 50 on the nose · How long did it take? 6 months exactly · Where are you … [Read more...]

Stop Edging The Cake


I’ve talked about “Edging the Cake” on RER before. You know, when you slice off a bit of the edge of that cake on your counter. Sometimes it’s to “even it out”, sometimes it’s because you just want a taste…before you know it a whole piece is gone, but you don’t feel the satisfaction of eating a piece.  I do this all the time with any type of bread or sweets. Today I … [Read more...]

I’m a Rebel…Owner


What was in the box? Sadly, the box did not contain a puppy ( Heather, that guess made what was actually in the package anti-climactic)… I am the proud owner of a new camera! Finally. My camera was dying a while back so I began using stole Ben’s camera. Last week I somehow managed to break off the spring that keeps the battery door closed and have been holding closed with a … [Read more...]

Tempeh Tuesday


I love Tempeh, but always forget to pick it up when I’m at the store. This weekend I did remember and scored some from TJ’s. Tonight I made a stir-fry with tempeh, frozen asian veggies, TJ’s teriyaki sauce and quinoa. I just threw it all in a pan and cooked it until hot (the quinoa was already cooked). All mixed up into a delicious meal in a bowl. I forgot to mention my … [Read more...]