Grilled Cheese and some Confessions

I made the best lunch today! I have been craving grilled cheese and finally had the chance to make it today. I used that new cheese I got yesterday and this new quinoa bread…

The bread’s description was that it is nutty and creamy. Um, it is just like any other ww bread I’ve had – good but, nothing special.IMG 6589 thumb Grilled Cheese and some Confessions

Grilled cheese with alfalfa sprouts and tomato…amazing melty goodness!!!IMG 6593 thumb Grilled Cheese and some Confessions

I also had a salad for veggie power!IMG 6595 thumb Grilled Cheese and some Confessions

I have a confession…I made Ben a “surprise” Easter basket, but keep stealing the little egg shaped gum…IMG 6604 thumb Grilled Cheese and some Confessions

I also have to confess that I had dessert after lunch – a granola bar and the rest of my graham cookies. Busted icon sad Grilled Cheese and some Confessions I know dessert after lunch isn’t a big deal, but feeling the need to finish off a bag after you’re already full kinda is.IMG 6601 thumb Grilled Cheese and some Confessions

I need to confess that I’m considering limiting sweets to Saturdays and Special Occasions, but hate putting rules on my eating because I want to be an Intuitive Eater – I’m taking all this into consideration before making up my mind…

While I’m at it I should confess that now that the snow is gone I love where I live icon smile Grilled Cheese and some Confessions I really think I had major SAD, but I am so much better since I can run and walk outside!


  1. says

    I lived in New Hampshire for 2 very snowy winters. I loved it there in the summer, but I got very depressed int he winter. There was snow on the ground from Nov until the end of March. Not seeing the grass and all of the darkness really got to me. I understand!

  2. says

    I think I definitely have SAD. The winters in Portland are sooo gray and rainy. Not so much snow, but just darkness. As soon as the weather improves, my moon improves! (And I stop making my boyfriend crazy by fantasizing about expensive, tropical vacations!)

  3. says

    Totally going through the same issue with sweets right now too… I’m also a recovering dieter who recently adapted the intuitive eating approach and although I’ve made a ton of progress, dessert still messes with me. Even if I have it in moderation during the week, I still feel guilty and wonder if I should just hold off until the weekends/special events. Sigh. Wish I had a more helpful suggestion, but I’m in the same boat! Gah.

  4. says

    I agree with Mara…rules are meant to be broken!

    So glad that you’re happier about Maryland now. It really isn’t so bad…and it’s not normally as bad during the winter as it was this past one. The summers are great, and the cherry blossoms are about to be in full bloom. I can’t wait until next weekend–we’re going to DC for my birthday to see them. =)

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    i suffer from SAD as well. sucks. so happy that the weather is changing and that there is more daylight.
    as for your confessions, you certainly could have done a lot worse. for what my silly $.02 is worth – don’t deprive yourself. as you said, please give it more thought before you decide what to do.

  6. janetha says

    that melty sandwich is a work of art!! i have to say that limiting my treats to the weekend helps me because otherwise i have the “just a little” mindset and the just a little each day adds up to a lot over the course of a week!

  7. says

    I have Usher’s “Confessions” in my head now.

    That grilled cheese looks fab, I love add in’s in a simple sandwich like that.

    I need to throw out all of the discounted V-Day candy I bought, I am a grazer and having it in my place is no bueno!

  8. Renee says

    Monica, Monica, Monica – You know that rules with food are a bad thing because they just get broken. I love reading your blog because I can relate to almost everything that you write. I read the intuitve eating book about 2 years ago and I too struggle with the food choices on a daily basis. My god it is a constant battle. Some days I just wonder what the hell is going on and wht I can’t keep my hands out of the refrigerator or pantry. I think that you have to step back and ask yur self are you eating because you are hungry or is there something else going on? If something else is going on then by god close the refrigerator or box of cereal up. LOL I love how you have handfuls of cereals, I do that too. I also love to have a bite of something someone else has because then those calories don’t count either. I think that we get so wrapped up in eating “what is good for us” and not eating “what is bad” that we lose sight of life. Life is a journey and we should enjoy it and not get so wrapped up in the number on the scale. Anyways so for the long winded comment. I absoluetly love reading you blog.

  9. says

    There are so many times when I really don’t “need” something sweet after a meal, but I am just so ingrained to grab even the smallest thing (like a mint) just for good measure.

    I have a serious problem at night. I really feel like the day is not complete without jut a little something sweet to end it all. Even just a small cup of cereal. It really does good for my soul! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful day girl!

  10. says

    I am dealing with the same sweets issue right now too. I have just within the last 6 months started feeling the need to end my meals with something sweet. I really don’t even like sweets, never had but now that I am eating them I want them more. Vicious cycle. If you find a way to break it, let me know.

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