Pump Up the Protein

First off, THANK YOU all so much for your amazing and kind comments on my last post. No matter how long I blog I don’t think it’s ever going to get easy to put myself out there like that. I truly appreciate every single comment. Thank you :)

Today I tried to make an effort to pump up the protein in my life. I made a protein cake thinger (it’s a technical term) for breakfast – protein powder, egg beaters, baking soda and something else I forgot (I’m not good at perfectly measuring things…).

I topped it with some AB and went to kickboxing!DSCN6611

I had to meet Ben for lunch because he forgot something important at home. There are literally only three options near his work – we went to a small deli. I ordered a veggie sandwich – hold the cheese, but opted for avocado.

Well, they messed up my order and held the hummus. Boo. But, I didn’t have them fix it because we were in a rush and they were super busy. DSCN6613It is difficult to eat a good protein rich meal for a quasi-vegetarian at a deli.  Boo. I considered tuna (which I love) but wasn’t feeling it.  But, all the healthy fats from the avocado made me satisfied.

I also got a plastic container of ice burg lettuce – I mean garden salad. DSCN6612I had some of Ben’s french fries for happiness. DSCN6614

I also brought a protein rich snack to eat while I was babysitting this afternoon. The cat seemed more interested in it than anyone else…IMG_0003It’s rare because this is the weirest cat ever – she’s actually super mean and hisses at practically everyone except the mom! IMG_0004

Ben wanted to order pizza and wings for dinner. I told him to hold that thought for our cheat day. And I made pita pizzas with some random frozen wings we had.IMG_0015

Not so Deceptively Delicious? I mixed up some chopped spinach with the tomato sauce and spread it on my pita for extra veggies.IMG_0009

Question: How do you tell if your husband really loves you?

Answer: Pile your pizza high with onions and see if he refuses to kiss you.

Done and done.


Dessert was a Pria bar. I somehow managed to score 15 Pria bars for fifty cents. I don’t know if it was a mistake or what, but a local discount store sold me this whole box for $0.49.  IMG_0019 I thought it was $0.49 each, but maybe not? IMG_0018

See ya in the morning :)


  1. Amanda says

    Don’t you hate how “salad” is loosely translated to a container of iceberg lettuce and a few tomato slices? Gah! French fries definitely equal happiness, they are my achilles heel … that and cereal.

  2. says

    A whole box for $.49! Nice find!

    I just read your last post. Thanks you for again being so honest. You are one of the most relateable bloggers out there!

  3. says

    I have a really great husband myself–glad your are in the Club! Excellent score on the bars!
    Have a great weekend–not a fan of the cold today but love the sun!

  4. says

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