Cherry Blossom Festival

Today Ben and I headed into Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossoms! Three years ago (just about a month before I met Ben!) I visited DC just before the blossoms came out and was disappointed. But, I was very happy to be able to catch them today! IMG_6666I packed up a lunch and we were on our way :)DSCN6630

But, Ben opted for Chik-Fil-A and I stole some fries. I think I may try to limit my french fry theft to Saturdays since I can be pretty heavy handed with this.IMG_6634

We started by the capital and walked down the National Mall towards the Jefferson Memorial. IMG_6692

The Cherry Blossom Festival runs from March 27th to April 11, 2010. Wanna see the blossoms for yourself? You can catch them around the Tidal Basin, in East Potomac Part and on the Washington Monument grounds. Maps here. IMG_6676

The Cherry Blossoms around the water are a gorgeous site. I’m very grateful we were here for it. IMG_6670

Ben enjoyed it too! IMG_6669

Spring has sprung all around DC! IMG_6689 IMG_6687

The weather was chilly but gorgeous and soooo many people were out to enjoy the sunshine. There were tons of kites in the sky too!IMG_6661For some reason Ben was particularly impressed with this statue. He said, “They never make statues of guys driving cars. I need a horse.” IMG_6653It reminded me of that Old Spice commercial I think is funny.

After walking around the Mall for a couple of hours we were ready for dinner and relaxation. I started with a pineapple margarita. I need to drink more and am making an real effort as shown here.IMG_6696

Chips and salsa = Mexican restaurant bread basketIMG_6699

I ordered the seafood fajitas. The fish was breaded, boo. But, the rest of it was good. IMG_6704

And I ordered it with black beans instead of rice because I love the musical fruit.IMG_6705

I know this is going to sound like a lie, but I swear – Ben suggested dessert AND he suggested we get the Molten Chocolate Cake! Maybe those mind control mp3s I’ve been listening to really are working…IMG_6707

Isn’t that just the best ending to the day? Chocolate Molten Cake. Yes. Thank You.


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    Ben needs to teach my boyfriend a few things. Such as, letting your girl steal fries (ok, he’ll give me one or two, but that’s it) or picking uber-chocolate desserts to enjoy after dinner. Glad you two had such a nice day!

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    that commercial is amazing. i wish you hadn’t posted it though because i actually could watch it all day! hahahah. glad your saturday was no nice. i’ve never seen the cherry blossoms but think they’re gorgeous!

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    That cake looks so good. Man, I love a good chocolate cake.
    I’m taking my daughter to see the cherry blossoms on Thursday. We went last year towards the end of their bloom period, so they were beginning to droop a little. Hopefully we’ll see some more cheerful blooms this time.
    Looks like you had a fun day!

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    Why don’t you just order your own fries? You’ll probably start wanting them less if you know you can have them anytime you want. It’s a total mind game, this intuitive eating…

    I can’t wait to go to DC next weekend for my bday! Woo!

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    Cherry blossom season is probably my favorite time of year in DC, minus the millions of tourists. I’ve missed it for the past two years but FINGERS CROSSED there will still be a few blooms when I get home next week.

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    I went to DC for the Cherry Blossom festival a few years ago but it had been a bad winter and the blossoms were less than stellar…I was so sad.

    Love the Mexican bread basket – I also am a big fan of the musical fruit.

    Sounds like you had a great day!

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    “The magical fruit”…hahaha. I just had Mexican for dinner last night…isn’t it the best?!

    It looks like the festival was so fun! Those Cherry Blossoms are absolutely gorgeous. And I LOVE that Old Spice commercial…hilarious!!

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    “I need to drink more and am making an real effort as shown here.”

    It’s Sunday. I just returned to school after spring break. I’m getting ready to go out. I <3 you for that sentence.

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