Avoid Getting Hurt

I completely believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, I try to eat healthy, fill up on Vitamin C during cold season and am following a few rules to avoid new running injuries.

Most experts recommend to following to prevent injuries…this list is from the American Academy of Family Physicians, but I’ve read the same guidelines many times:

  • Don’t increase your distance by greater than 10 percent in any week.
  • Stick to soft, flat surfaces. Grass is a good option if it’s available.
  • Don’t run when you are in pain. Stop running at the onset of sharp pain.
  • Take rest days.
  • Is there anything you do to avoid getting hurt while exercising?


    Other ways to avoid getting hurt…

    Don’t fall on gravel…looking at hand

    Don’t wear these high heels if you plan on actually walking any where…High_Heels 

    Don’t eat this if your lactose intolerant…


    Don’t attempt and move a huge cow in a foreign county if she’s in your way…as her boyfriend may be near by…CR13

    Don’t move to New England if you are a lizard who needs to lay on a hot rock all day and can’t handle the snow…ben in snowDon’t read this blog with the expectation I’m going to be funny, helpful or impress you with my eats… DSCN6738

    Well, maybe dessert was impressive because I bought a bag of this fancy dark chocolate from Costco (I swear this was Ben’s idea) and only ate three pieces. DSCN6740


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      Ugh, following these rules are so much harder than it appears. Trying to follow the “rules” of healthy and proper running is so difficult when all you want to do is lace up those sneakers and just hit the pavement. But, as I am sure you know, when you do find that injury is often unavoidable with too much training, it really makes you appreciate the times when you can just run without any thought or worry.

      Gah, I can’t wait until my knee issues are over and I can actually just wake up and run again! :( Waiting is the worst part.

      Thanks for reminding me that we all go through these things. :)

      Take care girl.

    2. says

      I would like to know what you were Googling when you came across those lovely shoes, hmmm??
      Also, I’m lactose intolerant and avoid ice cream at all costs, but can not stay away from cheese! Urgh!

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      Hey this is a great story. I’m going to email this to my buddies. I stumbled on this while googling for some lyric updates, I’ll be sure to come back. thanks for sharing.

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      Hmmm…can’t say my training plan follows rule #1. I don’t know where to run with soft surfaces. Running on the road is dangerous and I don’t have any trails near me so I run on the sidewalk, i.e. hardest surface ever. :(

    5. says

      Nice pictures! So far I’ve been lucky–knock on wood! I’m pretty clumsy in my normal life so I hurt myself enough just walking around the house. When I’m out running, I try to keep the volume down on my headphones so I can hear cars/people/creeps!

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