Trader Joes on the Web


I know I am not alone in my love obsession with Trader Joes. There are hundreds of bloggers out there who rave about TJ’s. Others who don’t have a TJ’s near them make it a point to stop at a store when they are out of town. (source) They are rated the #4 Healthiest Store in America – which means they are on the radar of healthy living blogs across the country. (source) … [Read more...]

Save the Best for Last


When you are eating do you save the best part for last? Most of the time I eat a few bites of my favorite part of the meal. Then, I eat all the stuff that’s not my fave and save the last bites as the best ones. Tonight I left a few chickpeas at the end of my salad and a BIG, delicious bite of this… But – with trail mix I do the opposite. I pick out all my faves and eat … [Read more...]