Flashback Friday and Big Salads


I am obsessed with BIG salads lately! After Kickboxing I was starving! I rushed home and threw together a salad that would rock your world. I hate that pictures can’t capture the sheer magnitude of this meal. It had spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage salad, chickpeas, hummus, hot sauce… I like my chickpeas warm so I heat them up in the … [Read more...]

Please stand up, Please stand up


Ben came home with a standing desk the other day. It was part of some equipment his office was throwing out and he figured he could find something to do with it. I was so excited when I saw it I immediately set up my laptop and claimed it as my own! I have always wanted a standing desk!!! I hate sitting all day and get way to antsy. Now I can stand, sit, sway back and … [Read more...]

Meal/Snack Mack? Sneal?


Today I was hungry all day! My snacks were more like meals. I didn’t even realize it until I devoured most of the kitchen. I didn’t take pics of my meal/snack – or should I call it a “Mack?” “Sneal?” Take this as a representation of the oddly timed foodies of my day… I am burnt out on the computer/blogs/life. Can you tell? RER has been less than fun this week :( Boo. I’m be … [Read more...]

Words to Live By…


“An apple doesn’t make a good breakfast.” (Even if you have an early appointment – eat something that will keep you full and not spike your blood sugar. Noted.) “A bad run is better than no run at all.” “Big salads are the ultimate “everything and the kitchen sink” meal.” “Croutons take salads to a whole new level.” (I love croutons and eat them like crackers, … [Read more...]

Monica’s 30 Day Shred


I spent the morning figuring out upcoming travel plans (there are a lot!),  a race calendar and my work-out schedule. There are so many dates and numbers and ideas floating around in my head – I can’t think straight!! I am still ironing out a race calendar for myself, but I did put together my work-outs for the next 30 Days! I was considering doing Jillian’s 30 Day … [Read more...]

Everyone loves Bacon (except me)


I don’t get the obsession with bacon. There are people who consider themselves vegetarian *except for bacon, and sites dedicated to the stuff! Personally, I don’t get it. But, I know Ben loves bacon. And in an effort to buy his love I made him an amazing dinner: Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf! I used my grandma’s recipe for meatloaf or rather, what I remember of it: ground … [Read more...]

Sipping on the Carb-a-hol


I was innocently shopping at Giant this afternoon when I passed by the bakery. The bakery always calls my name, and this time I couldn’t resist. That’s because just as I was passing by one of the bakers was restocking the Cheese Bagels! I had to go over and see if they were warm. As a kid, my mom would ALWAYS buy French Bread if it was warm when we were shopping. So, there was … [Read more...]

One of these things is not like the others


Remember that Sesame Street song - “One of these things is not like the others…one of these things just doesn’t belong…”  Well, many times in my life I’ve felt like that thing that “didn’t belong” was me. I felt that way through grade and high school. I am Mexican and lived in a Hispanic neighborhood and had Hispanic friends, but didn’t look like them. So, I felt out of … [Read more...]

Chickpeas in sauce


As you know, I buy my chickpeas in bulk. This means I need to find different ways to enjoy my favorite bean. At the same time I like super simple recipes. So this is a combination of those two things…. First I sautéed mushrooms, garlic, sweet peppers and spinach until tender. Then, I added copious amounts of chickpeas. Add a jar of pasta sauce (see, easy!). Heat thoroughly … [Read more...]

Make a Better Smoothie!


My smoothie disaster this morning is the perfect excuse  to try and come up with a new smoothie recipe. Luckily, the peeps at Magic Bullet are also looking for new smoothie recipes!!! They have a contest to find a new healthy smoothie recipe and are giving away a Bullet to go! Check it out: Magic Bullet wants to know what healthy smoothies you make with your Magic Bullet! … [Read more...]

Egg Salad Sandwich


I picked up this container of egg salad from TJ’s this weekend. I love this stuff and used to get it all the time when TJ’s was next door to my office in California. It’s good, but it crumbles out of the sandwich easily, so you have to eat carefully ;) On the plate – sandwich, chips and veggies. So Colorful!!! I also added salsa for the chips – more colors sold separately. … [Read more...]

Green Sludge


Breakfast this morning was a major fail. I made a green smoothie with chocolate protein powder, chia, maca, ice, 1/2 frozen naner, xantham gum and water. For some reason it was the grossest consistency. I tried to get a picture of it on a spoon, but it was difficult to capture the pond scum-like essence of this bowl. When I shook the bowl it jiggled like muddy  old … [Read more...]



I can’t seem to knock my sweet tooth after my vacation and indulgent weekend :( I am very happy tomorrow is a new day though :)  See you Monday! … [Read more...]

Break Fast


Ben and I break glasses like we live at a Jewish wedding. We must break at least 1 glass a week! But, yesterday I broke something special and I was very sad :( My mom bought us Mr. and Mrs. mugs from Disney World and I had the important task of bringing them home. When I took them out of the box I saw that Ben’s mug was broken. Boo. I broke it before he even had the chance to … [Read more...]

One More Day


Last night when my flight was delayed four hours I rescheduled it for today at 8:30pm. So, I ended up having a whole extra day with my mom and Matt at Disney World! I’m really happy that this worked out and gave me extra time with the family. It’s funny because after I checked in for yesterday’s flight I called Ben and was very sad about leaving my fam. When the flight was … [Read more...]