Coffee, Tea or Water


Yes, my So Meaty post from this morning was an April Fool's joke. Did I actually food anyone?? And now the internet is playing jokes on me since this post has 20 different fonts/sizes. Boo. In January I announced that I would make 2010 my Healthiest Year by making a new health related change each month… In January I did Meatless Mondays and then changed it to Mexican … [Read more...]

So Meaty


After much deliberation I’ve decided to try the Atkins Diet. I don’t think I eat enough protein and perhaps some red meat would do me good. So I’m upping my meat intake and eliminating fruit and carbs. Right now I’m thawing some meat for tonight. Stay tuned for a very meaty dinner post! This weekend I hit up the local health foods store for some new protein powder. I … [Read more...]

Seven Deadly Health Habits


I had a lunch date with my friend Kristin today. So, after my run I frantically ran out the door to meet her. Doctor Oz recently had a show about 7 Deadly Sins to your Health and I am guilty of one big time, all the time: Being Late. He said if you’re not 5 minutes early you’re 10 minutes late. I think I am going to start thinking like that and trying to get places early. I … [Read more...]