Easter Plan


Do you guys have any big plans for this Easter weekend? Unfortunately this is the first holiday that Ben and I are flying solo. We’ll just hit up church and lay low Sunday. I did pick up some special dinner supplies for a yummy meal. Last year I made a cake in the shape of a bunny. And we went to a family party. Now I want a piece of cake! I better pic up some dessert when … [Read more...]

Cottage Cheese Bagel


Since I’m trying up my protein I decided to put some cottage cheese on one side of my bagel this morning. But, the cottage cheese had other plans and kept falling off. Oh well, I did the best I could! Breakfast = Cinnamon Raisin bagel with PB & CC & Jelly Now I must be off to KB :) It’s always super crowded on Fridays and if I don’t get there early I get stuck … [Read more...]

Sex Ed and Food


  I’d like to think I’m providing a service at RER. Well, not so much a service as a way for you to waste time when you should be working or studying… Anyways, today I bring you a sex education quiz. Self Magazine has a quiz with questions that you should know the answers too, but do you? Check it out here: Sex Ed Quiz.  Ben and I got 9 out of 12. Boo. My … [Read more...]