Crab Cakes!

I have been wanting to eat a good Maryland crab cake since we moved here. But, I haven’t really went to a good seafood restaurant besides Philippe’s (which is a buffet, so it’s crab cakes are kinda mass produced).

After a day driving to the coast today we decided to end the day with crab cakes. We spotted a restaurant from the road that looked pretty authentic and went for it. IMG 6900 thumb Crab Cakes! 

I started the meal with a soft roll with butta…melty butta. IMG 6891 thumb Crab Cakes!

And of course the highlight of dinner was my crab cake. I ordered it broiled and could taste all the flavors and goodness of the crab. IMG 6895 thumb Crab Cakes!

I can be weird about certain seafood, but I LOVED it! This cake was all crab and little filler. When I cut into it it flaked apart perfectly. Good, so good. I am really glad that I ate a quality, delicious Maryland crab cake during my time here icon smile Crab Cakes! IMG 6899 thumb Crab Cakes! On the side I ordered a baked potato and a salad. I eat baked potatoes with ketchup, anyone else do this?IMG 6897 thumb Crab Cakes!  I’m not the biggest fan of restaurant “garden” salads because their garden’s don’t have much variety. If I had a garden I would plant more then just ice burg lettuce…just saying. IMG 6893 thumb Crab Cakes! 

Our last stop on the beach day was Ocean City, MD. We went to the boardwalk and walked around a bit. There were tons of souvenir shops and even more Candy Kitchens and Ice cream vendors. I only have this pic I took from the car because I didn’t bring the camera walking around.oceancityboardwalk thumb Crab Cakes!

P.S. While driving I saw a sign that said Burger King had free wi-fi. Well, the internet required a pass code to use, so I had to buy something. I bought this “iced mocha” aka Yoo-Hoo drink and passed it on to Ben. But, I want brownie cookie points for buying this so I could post icon smile Crab Cakes! IMG 6865 thumb Crab Cakes!

Ben and I have a two hour drive ahead of us and will probably stop for a treat somewhere…TBD

Edited to add: I ate a Reeses Easter Egg DSCN6757 thumb Crab Cakes!

and shared a McFlurry with Ben on the way home. mcflurry thumb Crab Cakes!


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    Ocean City, MD is such a gorgeous stretch of beach. I love Candy Kitchen’s saltwater taffy, and miss the Kite Loft – they always had awesome kites up and down the beach by their shop. I don’t know if that store still exists! If you have the chance before you leave MD – you should go to the boardwalk there when they are renting out bikes and bike up and down the walk – so much fun!

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    21 years in MD and I have never had a real crab cake ( frozen ones from Giant don’t count) That looks amazing :)!

    Will you head back to the shore, when the weather is warm?

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    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your thoughts on “garden” salads from eating establishments.

    this line- “If I had a garden I would plant more then just ice burg lettuce…just saying.” made me laugh out loud. SO TRUE.


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