My Can of Chickpeas and Asian Slaw


Since I often have chickpeas 365+ days in a row many people ask, "How big is that can of chickpeas you buy?" Answer: It’s almost 7 pounds!!! This is the can of chickpeas I get at Costco next to a “normal” sized can of beans.  I’d like to think that this ratio is my love of beans compared to yours… Yesterday I broke open my massive can of chickpeas for lunch. I made a … [Read more...]

No Cherry Bomb


I mentioned recently that I’m experimenting with protein powder. I bought a bunch of different flavors before committing to one big container. So far I’ve tried Cherries Jubilee, Chocolate PB and today I tried Strawberry. Cherry  is still clearly the best! The strawberry today was disappointing… I added ice, spinach, blubes (hence the color), water and chia … [Read more...]

Easter Feaster


Ben and I started the day with a leisurely breakfast. For some reason lately when it comes to meal time I cannot decide what I want to eat. I need to make a list of meal ideas so I don’t stand in the kitchen snacking while I try to figure it out. After church we took a long walk. I guess Ben was in a good mood today because  he didn’t get mad that the walk was so long. I … [Read more...]