Smoothie with Maca


I have been wanting to try Maca powder for a while. It is a root grown in the Peruvian Andes that has been said to have numerous health benefits. The benefits include increasing stamina, vitality and sexual libido! I guess that last one is an added bonus. I wanted to try it because of the potential health and stamina benefits, but also because I am obsessed with going to Peru … [Read more...]

Bacon for Ben


I met my dad for lunch today. He was in town for business and it worked out perfectly that we could hang out for a bit while he is here :) We went to DuClaw Brewing Company. As soon as we got there I knew what I wanted… Ever since I had my first real crab cake I am obsessed! I had to get a crab cake sandwich. Plus it was on pretzel bread (a new obsession) I was all over this. … [Read more...]