Smoothie with Maca

I have been wanting to try Maca powder for a while. It is a root grown in the Peruvian Andes that has been said to have numerous health benefits. The benefits include increasing stamina, vitality and sexual libido! I guess that last one is an added bonus.

I wanted to try it because of the potential health and stamina benefits, but also because I am obsessed with going to Peru and thought this would bring me a little closer to that dream. That is lame, but true.

I was excited to find Maca powder on sale yesterday at a health food store. I snapped the last container right up (along with some condoms, in case that libido thing is true). maca powder

Wikipedia info on Maca

These two powders went in my breakfast smoothie along with ice, spinach, water and chia seeds. I love this flavor! But, I do think it’s distracting that it’s green, but tastes like cherry. My brain gets too confused by that… Does that happen to anyone else?protein shake

Fun Fact: Maca is considered a medicinal herb in Norway, and is not legal without a prescription.

In other news: I lost the strap thinger to hold my Garmin closed. Does anyone know where I could get another one?tape on watch

Run: This morning I did 5.5 miles. I need to start waking up earlier to beat the heat though! It’s getting hot here :)


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    Whoa baby, I might get some maca! It’s a good thing it increases stamina and vitality, you’ll need it with an increased libido! Bow chicka wow wow 😉

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    Hi there, I just found your blog and it looks great! I wanted to say hello because I, too, am a California native living in Maryland. (I was also a chubby adolecent and have a history of disordered eating… weird). Anyway, I’m looking forward to future posts!

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    I really like Maca but I think I like it even more now that I know it increases the sex drive! LoL :) Maybe I should start using this more often. 😉

    Hope you are having a great week Monica!

    Are you coming to the lunch meet-up in DC this Saturday??? I hope I can see you soon!

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    My garmin strap snapped last year, and I googled it and found a place online to buy a new set of straps. It cost like $20. :-/ Oh well it was the cheapest I found!

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    Hahahaha – I´m sure that Maca powder has its own benefits…
    I need to try a smoothie… ASAP!
    Have a great day, Monica.
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

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    Hi there

    Just stumbled onto your blog today. I am fairly new to running and healthy eating but its making hell of a difference. 10 kilos off since Xmas, you can read more on my blog.

    I love the juicing/smoothie lifestyle but never tried Maca before. Might have to give this a shot but no doubt it will be hard to source here in Sweden.

    Keep up the good work with the blog!


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    I lost a piece of my Garmin strap and I ended up being for the best because I replaced it with a Velcro strap. So much better! I would definitely reco
    mend just buying a cheap watch with a Velcro strap of a good length and using it for the Garmin.

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    I’ve never tried Maca but I make smoothies all the time for breakfast so it’s something I’ll definitely need to try!

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    Hi Monica,

    I just found your blog and totally relate to your “About” section (btw, did you know that there’s not a form to comment on that section?). Growing up I was always taller and bigger than everyone else. Early on I got that “I’m fat complex” and have been dieting and watching what I ate for many, many years. I’ve gone through the cycles of “dieting” – aka, extremely restricting calories – and then fall back into my old eating habits. I too am on my way to find a healthy lifestyle where I’m not in need of a diet but just enjoy healthy living!

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    I have been using maca for years now and it really helps when it comes to balancing hormones (or increase libido). I have it in the morning in my milk shake (banana, berries and maca) or with orange juice. It tastes good especially when if think ‘health’ when drinking :) There are other tasty yet healthy recepies with maca.


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    I use my computer every day. Something that at first I thought of this foreign delicate thing has become this close hardcore component to my life. I think of it as a wrench or a hammer.

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