Solar Powered Monica


Ben says that I am solar powered and now that the sun is out I’m a different person! When it’s cold and gloomy my solar powered happiness meter is way down. But, now I am feeling like my old self! Monica Happy:   Not happy: After a 3 mile run I took a short cut home to get some FOOD! I was super hungry and thirsty. I had a couple handfuls of cereal before I went on … [Read more...]

Chickpeas and Eggs


When I saw this recipe on Heatherbakes recently I almost died. I LOVE chickpeas (um, call me captain obvious). But – Ben doesn’t like them :( He does however, LOVE eggs. So, when I saw this combination I knew I had a winner. The original recipe is in the latest Food Network magazine. This edition is all about eggs. Since I didn’t have the actual magazine or recipe I made it … [Read more...]