Protein Boost


KB was fun today! I’m glad I went :) I think part of my love for KB is that I love the music! And since I don’t listen to anything but my head movies while I run it’s super fun. This also means that the only times I listen to music are a.) Kickboxing b.) when I go dancing So, I’m afraid I’m going to bust out some KB moves the next time I hit up a club. … [Read more...]

My Food Philosophy


I am reading Naturally Thin and am really liking it! Yesterday I got to a section in the book where you fill in things about your eating habits, food preferences and food philosophy. That last one stopped me in my tracks. I mean, I have a food blog, I have very strong views on food issues, yet I haven’t voiced my “food philosophy”. *Because I’m a runner I think food is … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered Truth


I swear to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Chocolate Covered Truth on this blog :) Look at the Dove promise I found inside my candy tonight… “Chocolate-coated truth tastes better.” I had every intention of being truthful about my post-dinner indulgences, but this wrapper made sure I would! Lunch was what I consider a “normal lunch”… sandwich, rice … [Read more...]