Chocolate Covered Truth

I swear to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Chocolate Covered Truth on this blog :)

Look at the Dove promise I found inside my candy tonight…

“Chocolate-coated truth tastes better.”Dove promise

I had every intention of being truthful about my post-dinner indulgences, but this wrapper made sure I would!chocolate

Lunch was what I consider a “normal lunch”… sandwich, rice chips, carrot sticks and guacamole.

I used to eat a sandwich, pretzels and an apple  for lunch in high school. I kinda want to go back to eating the same thing everyday again – just makes like easier. Sure it’s also less fun, but easier.

Do you have any meals that you eat the same thing every day?


It was sunny today! Ben was trying to take a picture of me and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.IMG_7017

Dinner was a burger and fries. To save time I microwaved the potato sliced first and then tossed them with some olive oil and put them in the oven for 15 minutes or so.fries 

My veggie burger was on a TJ’s whole wheat bulky roll. Part of it is missing because I started eating it as soon as we got home and decided to eat the rest for dinner. They are BIG and chewy and delicious. burger

Almost immediately after eating the candy I wanted another piece (or three) and a cookie. As much as I try to resist, it seems I love sugar, but it doesn’t love me. I keep considering “pulling a HEAB” and cutting it out, but I’m hesitant.

And that my friends, is the chocolate covered truth.


  1. says

    I tend to eat the same thing everyday. I go through phases.
    I definitely know the feeling of continually wanting sweets. It’s weird because sometimes it just goes away for me (always comes back though). Does that happen to you?

  2. says

    I pretty much eat the same thing every day at work. I bring yogurt, cereal, and a banana for breakfast, and I bring a salad for lunch, but that often gets changed up a bit at least. It does make it easier to pack every night!

  3. says

    I do a lot of simple meals and will eat it very often. Like making a broccoli slaw salad with asian or poppyseed dressing, toasted nuts, and either canned chicken breast or in your case garbanzo beans be delicious! I like making homemade veggie bowls with steamed veggies, brown rice, toasted nuts/sesame seeds and top with soy sauce and chili sauce. Stuff like this is easy for me to take to work and even when I’m super tired knowing its in the fridge waiting for me makes me happy because I’m still getting in a healthy meal, made easy 😉

  4. says

    I am a total food repeater. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day and if I wouldn’t feel guilty I would eat the same thing for every meal.

    That’s a great picture of you, very summery!

  5. says

    Amen to that chocolate covered truth 😉

    I sometimes feel like I’m in some kind of rut when I eat the same stuff, but hey, I love it, so who cares, right? :) I love eggs, anything omelet-style is my style! And oatbran/oatmeal…can’t get enough!

    You are gorgeous! I adore your hair :)

  6. Ashley C says

    It’s kinda crazy how we seem to go through the same things, of course you don’t know this since I don’t blog, but I’ve been struggling with the same thing lately. Once I have one thing with sugar I can’t seem to stop. I swear it’s like a chemical reaction in my brain. But if I cut it all out and don’t allow it I’m scared I’ll obsess even more about it and will binge worse when I get around it. Hard choice :-/ As of right now, I’m just really trying to cut back to try to get myself unaddicted from sweets but still allowing it.

  7. says

    Haha, I love those little “fortunes” in the dove wrappers! :) That one is so true.

    I always crave something sweet after I eat something savory. I think it’s good to balance everything out, so a square of good chocolate is such a pleasant ending to a good meal! :) It compliments it so well.

    Have a great day!

  8. says

    I definitely go through phases where I’ll eat the same thing for a week or two, then get sick of it and do the same thing with something else. :)

  9. Allison says

    This past week proved to me that I need to stay away from Diet Coke and sugar. I LOVE DC, but then there is a lingering sweet taste and I crave sweets and once I have one “treat”, I just keep going. I have cookie, then a chocolate square, then a spoonful of ice cream…it is definitely a slippery slope for me. When I stay away from diet soda, I crave fewer sweets. Then it doesn’t start as easily.

  10. says

    I have a very monotonous diet! I guess I find comfort in predictability, and like you said, it’s easier. I have oatmeal every morning and a spinach salad with chicken, raisins and peanuts for lunch. Every. Day. I’ve been trying to make an effort to branch out recently though – experimenting with different oatmeal toppings and even cooking up barley and quinoa as a hot breakfast replacement. It doesn’t quite appease the oatmeal cravings but I feel good knowing I’m mixing it up and giving my body a greater variety of nutrients. I do make an effort to cook varried dinners, but only because my husband would not be a happy camper if I made him the same thing night after night. :)

  11. says

    When I find something that I really like to eat and satisfies me perfectly, I tend to stick with it for a while, because it seems like the most appealing option. But eventually I start enjoying something else, and the cycle starts over again. Sometimes, though, I just crave novelty in every meal, which is the hardest phase to be in!

  12. says

    Yep, for me moderation works for some things, but not sugar. Just easier for me to say no most of the time. Would rather just avoid it than eat too much and feel like crap.

    Cracking up the quarter of wheat roll missing. So something I would do. 😉

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