Protein Boost

KB was fun today! I’m glad I went :)

I think part of my love for KB is that I love the music! And since I don’t listen to anything but my head movies while I run it’s super fun.

This also means that the only times I listen to music are

a.) Kickboxing

b.) when I go dancing

So, I’m afraid I’m going to bust out some KB moves the next time I hit up a club. #thatwouldbedisasterous

After KB I was hungry so I rushed home and made a protein smoothie and topped it with cereal/trail mix. So.good.

In the mix: protein powder, ice, water, chia seeds. Topped with Kashi trail mix and cashews.protien shake

I also ate some H2Omelon on the side. This stuff isn’t ripe yet. Boo.IMG_7034

Only 1.5 hours later I was hungry again! So, I went back for more protein. I made an egg scramble with spinach, onions and tomatoes. Plus some sharp cheddar on the top.

Alert the authorities: I am out of ketchup :(IMG_7035

It’s a wrap! IMG_7037

There is still no word on whether or not we can stay in this apartment. The manager is supposed to call me back today, but we’ll see if that happens. Can you please either call me back and let me know if I need somewhere else to live?

I am off to babysit until 7pm. So, I’m packing a snack and then will see you tonight :)


  1. Katie says

    I have to thank you for your homemade trail mix idea! I made some this weekend with GoLean, golden raisins, pecan pieces, and a few ghiradelli dark chocolate pieces 😉 Yum!

  2. says

    We have the Wii dance party game. Since my daughter insits that I dance with her, I have some pretty sweet moves that I can bust out when Lady Gaga plays at the gym.

  3. says

    What a great-looking wrap! Whenever I make wraps, I have a hard time keeping them intact. Stuff always falls out! Any suggestions?

  4. says

    OUT OF KETCHUP?!?! Girl you better get ON that! I’d be so upset, haha, no joke 😛 That wrap looks amazing anyways, though :)

    Enjoy your day!

    p.s. I love gettin’ ma groove on 😀

  5. says

    KB sounds like such a fun workout! I really want to give it a try. Once I get off this Zumba kick, I’ll be sure to find a KB class.

    Hope you had a great day Monica!

  6. Lia says

    You are truly the funniest blogger I read! I love that image of accidentally kickboxing in a club. And good luck on the housing situation…

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