Mex Meatless Monday – Taco Salad

I have guacamole that’s on it’s last leg so I knew I had to make something Mexican for dinner tonight. I made myself an unexciting taco salad…

“Put some hot sauce on my taco salad baby…” (sing it!)taco salad

I made Ben Chicken and Salsa Pasta. This is not meatless, but you could replace the chicken with tofu or beans.

I used a can of white meat chicken and heated it up with onions, garlic and a generous pouring of salsa and taco seasoning. I added a few handfuls of spinach to “sneak” in some veggies.

Then, I cooked whole wheat pasta.

I threw it together with a huge handful of cheese. Serve with guacamole :) He loved it!mexican pasta

I found this Soy Joy bar on clearance at Target and scooped it right up. I actually describe these bars as “a dry cookie”. But for some reason I really like them! Ben and I shared this at dinner time. Soy Joy

This afternoon I was babysitting and the girls always have a snack first thing after school. Today they decided on PB&J with pretzels.

They have that PB that’s already mixed with J – in this case it was Peanut Butter and Honey. It’s the weirdest thing because I was just telling Ben that my mom used to buy this stuff when we went camping in Yosemite or Sequoia (so she didn’t have to bring 2 jars of stuff).

Added bonus: I’ve never had PB and Honey!PB&J

I had a few pretzels with the goods plus a yogurt. snack

Oddly, this snack didn’t completely make my blood sugar crazy. I think it’s because I ate it with the yogurt and the protein helped.

Plus – I had a lot of protein and healthy fats today. I noticed a big difference in how I felt versus the sugar craziness of yesterday. Noted.

Anyone else doing Meatless Mondays??


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    My husband thinks a huge handful of cheese makes everything better. Can’t convince him to do meatless mondays so here we call it Mama’s meatless Mondays

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    I know a lot of people don’t really like soyjoy bars, but all the flavors I have tried have been pretty good. Definitely not the best bar I’ve ever eaten, but not bad.

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    I did meatless Monday today, although not intentionally. I do a lot of meatless Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays too. When my fiance is out of town, I rarely eat meat unless it’s a lunch is brought in at work. Or, if someone orders chicken nachos at a happy hour. :)

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    glad you liked that soyjoy bar! it’ been a few years since i tried them and hated them! they tasted like cardboard! maybe they’ve improved their recipe since then~

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    Your salad looks delicious – as do those pretzels! I love pretzels and can never stop at just a couple. Though I’ve never tried them with PB and honey before!

    I actually go meatless a LOT lately and have set up a challenge to be completely meatless in May. It’ll be interesting because my husband and I go to my parents for the May Long weekend here in Canada and they’re not the healthiest eaters AND there’s always LOTS of meat and very few veggies. I may have to prepare some salads for that weekend and bring a ton of veggies for snacking.

    I guess you would say I did Meatless Monday unintentionally yesterday … I didn’t take out any meat, but really wanted a spicy soup, so I sauteed a ton of veggies, added some no-chicken chicken broth, and some whole wheat vermicelli noodles. It was delicious!

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