Tastes Like Chicken


I eat mostly vegetarian because I’m against factory farming. But the truth is, even before I was veggie I rarely ate red meat. I was more of a chicken or fish girl I guess? So, chicken is really the only thing I miss in not eating meat. That all changed today when I discovered this new find – meat free tuscan breasts. I love that they are not just “veggie” chicken nuggets or … [Read more...]

Not Homeless


Good news! I’m not homeless! Our apartment management people finally got back to us and said we could stay if we signed a lease for at least six months. We wanted to go month to month, like they originally offered, but that was off the table. So, we signed the lease to avoid the headache of moving. If we have to break it before the 6 months is up we will face a very very … [Read more...]

The Love Child


I used to read the message boards on a fitness magazine website. There were a lot of girls/women that were either trying to lose weight or trying to recover from an eating disorder. Obviously, the combination made for some “stressful” comments. Anyways, on the message board I learned of “The Love Child”. The recipe is Kashi GL Crunch cereal mixed with heated PB, Mix; Add … [Read more...]