Tastes Like Chicken

I eat mostly vegetarian because I’m against factory farming. But the truth is, even before I was veggie I rarely ate red meat. I was more of a chicken or fish girl I guess?

So, chicken is really the only thing I miss in not eating meat. That all changed today when I discovered this new find – meat free tuscan breasts. I love that they are not just “veggie” chicken nuggets or patties. Those don’t replace a piece of chicken. But these are amazing!

Tuscan breasts

Since I am trying to get more protein, I loved this product even more! Twenty grams of vegetarian protein can be hard to find.nutrition info

I threw one of the chicken patties on top of a huge salad. It was delicious! It’s crazy how similar to chicken the texture was too. I am sure these are a new regular item in my shopping cart.salad

Doesn’t that look like chicken to you? IMG_7082

Mid-morning I snacked on the rest of my roasted chickpeas and some peanuts.IMG_7075

After lunch I meant to just grab a handful of grapes, but now they are all gone. This is why I recently stopped buying grapes at Costco. I would eat the entire 7lbs of uvas in 2 days. Busted.

Now I am off to babysit… See you later :)


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    i rarely eat red meat too but i don’t know what i’d do without my chicken. i could probably eat it every night if i had the option!

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    Grapes are super cheap right now where I am, so I don’t mind going overboard with them. When I’m feeling particularly snacky, they’re my go-to snack so I don’t reach for other (non-healthy) items.

    I’ve recently been eating more vegetarian – after reading so many news articles about sickness you can get from different meats (like pork) and watching movies and TV shows (Food Inc. or any Jamie Oliver show), I just prefer putting cleaner things into my body. I think I’ve tried those chicken breasts … not the Tuscan ones, but a different kind. They weren’t bad!


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    MMM that chicken looks good. I think i will have to hunt that down 😀
    how do you make the roasted chickpeas again? i need to make some. they look sooo good.

    I love grapes. the best way to eat them is freeze them. You will eat less at a time when they are frozen. i love the red grapes, they are the sweetest.

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    Ive seen this brand everywhere except in my grocery store aisles! Hopefully Ill get to try them out soon. It definitely does look like real chicken though.

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    I bought that same brand of meatless stuff last week, I bought the meatless beef tips to do some kind of jap stir fry. I haven’t tried it yet. That “chicken” looks yummy!

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    I’m not sure I can get behind the “meatless meat” concept; it kind of freaks me out. There are so many awesome things you can make from real, whole ingredients that don’t involve meat. I really think that stuff like this is the reason why we have the word Frankenfood.

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      I agree that whole foods are better. But, I’d rather eat fake chicken than real chicken even if it is more processed. I eat beans like a mo-fo, so I think some fake chicken is cool sometimes :)

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