The Love Child

I used to read the message boards on a fitness magazine website. There were a lot of girls/women that were either trying to lose weight or trying to recover from an eating disorder. Obviously, the combination made for some “stressful” comments.

Anyways, on the message board I learned of “The Love Child”. The recipe is Kashi GL Crunch cereal mixed with heated PB, Mix; Add cottage cheese, Mix again. Enjoy.

This snack is amazing and has tons of protein, fiber and fat = super filling.

My afternoon snack was inspired by The Love Child. I chopped up an apple with cinnamon and stevia. Heat until soft.  Add some AB while it’s hot. Then, topped it off with cottage cheese and cereal/trail mix…trail mix cottage cheese

I may have added more AB, cc and cereal half way through! Yum!cottage cheese snack

Lunch: I ate breakfast at 8am and was hungry at 10am today. I tried to push off my hunger for a bit (which I talk about in my latest Breathe post).

I ended up breaking for lunch at 11am. The oatmeal with AB lasted me three hours, but I wish I ate a breakfast that lasted four. Really though, I don’t think that’s ever happened. Maybe my body just gets hungry every three? And that’s okay if it’s the case. I just want to be sure :)

So, I’m gonna try and pay attention to when I get hungry after a few different breakfasts.

I heated canned soup, a veggie burger and rice chips.  Not as exciting as the love child, boo.soup and veggie burger

Dinner was also anti-climactic – veggie stir-fry with roasted chickpeas…chickpeas with veggies

and half a grilled cheese sandwich.grilled cheese

After dinner Ben and I had a long chat about my “messed up eating” past and stuff. It may not be the best idea in the world for someone with a history of BED to read food blogs all day. So, I will be scheduling one hour a day for reading food blogs from now on.

Right now I randomly check Google Reader when I have a few minutes. It doesn’t help me overcome the last few hurdles in recovery, you know?

Question: Do you do a morning snack or early lunch?

Oatmeal is one of the more filling breakies you can have and it lasts me three hours. I think the same goes for EZ bread with AB. I want to experiment with eggs too…


  1. Erica H. says

    One breakfast I had last week that was SUPER filling was: 2 egg whites + 1 whole egg (I used whole eggs for egg whites, so i took the whites out of two and then just dumped the third egg in whole), tons of salsa, 1/4 of a chopped avocado, some red pepper and a sprinkle of cheese all scrambled, then i put it in a whole wheat wrap. I think the combo of eggs (instead of my normal two egg whites) and the whole wheat wrap (instead of just a piece of toast) was key but I have to experiment again to see. Plus eating a burrito was fun … though messy …

  2. says

    I actually must admit that I have given up reading most food blogs as of late (except for a few of my favorites). I just found that although in the beginning they gave me a lot of insight and helpful hints, I inevitably wound up obsessing over these people I did not know and how “perfect” their eating/drinking habits seemed, and how I was a failure compared to them. My husband started getting real annoyed with me constantly comparing myself and my life to these people I don’t actually know. And honestly when I thought about it, it was a bit crazy. That is not to say that I think healthy living and food blogs are bad, I in fact love them and think they are beneficial to many, I just have to read them sparingly or like many things, it begins to rule my way of thinking, instead of just trusting me! Sorry for the rant, I just understood what you meant about reading the message boards as I used to do the same and blogs began to become that for me. I think blogging is great, I just am choosing to read a whole bunch of other types to make me well rounded :)

    • says

      Bingo. My husband feels the same way.
      Thanks for chiming in. I don’t want to feel like I’m turning my back on the blog world, because I love it so much. But, I have to figure out a balance that’s good for me :)

      • says

        Yeah…it is definitely a challenge though, I mean after reading one, I always manage to find a zillion more that I like. Luckily I have been so busy lately I just don’t have the time! But balance is definitely key! Thanks again for addressing this topic, it was something I was thinking about for awhile :)

  3. says

    I always eat a morning snack. I usually eat breakfast around 7:00 and then go to the gym after I drop the kids off. I have a morning snack around 11 and then have lunch around 2:00. I don’t eat dinner until about 7:00, hence the later lunch.

  4. says

    hmm.. I usually do a morning snack. Most of the time I am so busy I don’t have time for my morning snack and I usually eat lunch around 1pm. This morning at 9am I had a green monster & it lasted me until 1pm.. not that I would have had time before 1pm to eat lunch or snack but I didn’t even feel hungry until 1pm. You must just be a hungry person LOL and that’s A-OKAY!!! :] .. also how do you “roast” your veggies? They look so yummy all the time.. specifically the brussels.

  5. says

    I very rarely have an AM snack. I usually have oats or egg whites for bfast and it holds me over. I have an afternoon snack every day. Definatley can see where you are coming from about the food blog reading. I read them far too much and they make me hungry/crave weird things, so I can imagine it would be triggering for someone with BED.

  6. says

    I know reading food blogs like I do is NOT healthy for me in the least. Good luck with the hour-a-day thing. I’d be interested if you can keep with it. I don’t know that I could. I literally read them first thing in the morning, a few times during work (shh!), and when I get home. I turn it off when it’s boyfriend time, but still. I def think reading them less would help me with my food/body issues, but they are so addicting!

  7. says

    I will always have a morning snack before lunch, anything to prolong that meal till at least 1pm. Usually that snack is a protein smoothie after I get home from the gym or I’ll cook up an egg puff in the microwave and have it on a low carb tortilla or in 1/2 a pita shell with hot sauce. Sometimes it fruit to tide me over.

  8. Anna says

    I always have my 5 meals!
    Breakfast at 6:00 am, snack at 10:00 or 11:00 am, lunch at 2:00 pm, afternoon snack at 5:00 and dinner at 7:00 or 8:00 pm

    And my snacks are usually light like an orange, jicama with lemon and chili powder :) or pico de gallo with tons of fruit! yumm

  9. says

    Half a grilled cheese? That’s what gets me int trouble. I can never find someone to give the other half to.

    Did you get your question answered about Long Beach from RWOL yesterday? I ran Long Beach last year. I thought it was a decent race. Advantages: mostly flat except for a hill at mile 17 at Cal State Long Beach. Disadvantages: people people people right up to the HM split at mile 11. That being said, I thought it was much better than Surf City, ehr you do two out and backs to get marathon distance in.

  10. says

    Lately, it doesn’t seem to matter WHAT I eat, I’m hungry after breakfast two hours later. Two hours ago I ate 2 scrambled eggs and a bowl of greek yogurt with multigrain Cheerios and blackberries and now I’m ready for lunch!! 👿

  11. says

    love the new picture on the blog! It’s great!

    I’ll need to try the love child. Sounds awesome. I’m hungry every 3 hours like clockwork. If I eat more protein, I can usually wait 4 hours before snacking or eating a meal.

    I love eating eggs in the am. They usually keep me full for the longest amount of time.

  12. says

    Do you read other blogs buttercup punch or feministing? I think you’d like those. I read more blogs that aren’t healthy living related than I do healthy living blogs so I guess that’s why I don’t see it as an issue. You bring up a great point and I’ve even wondered myself how healthy HAVING a food blog is? I’m not sure, still trying to figure that out with my own issues.

  13. says

    I usually need a snack mid-morning. Especially when I run at lunch time. I choose fruit (apple or banana) or yogurt for the most part.

  14. Caitlin says

    WOW! The love child! I used to eat those at least 5x week in college. I was thinking about them the other day, so strange that now I see it mentioned in the blogging world.

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