Pizza Cookie

Today was my last day babysitting and I brought the girls a treat – a Cookie shaped like a piece of pizza. It was too cute I had to get it :)

I usually try to encourage them to be healthy, but kids need balance too. I am really going to miss them and they even gave me a present! Awwwww….cookie pizza

I also ate some cheddar chex mix while there…IMG_7110

Before I went to babysit I ate a banana wrapped in tortilla with PB. Lots of PB because I originally made this for Ben. But, he didn’t want it. I am sad because he doesn’t like PB and bananas :( I actually take that very personally.IMG_7106 

Dinner: The highlight of dinner was sweet potato french fries. I sprinkled them with sea salt, cinnamon and sugar. They were AMAZING. Ben said this was his ideal dinner (he also had a cheeseburger).sweet potato fries

I made a veggie burger salad and went to town on the fries. We are still out of ketchup, but luckily I steal “collect” condiments and I brought out packets of ketchup and Chick-fil-A Sauce (which is amazing and I am newly addicted to) for the burger and fries. veggie burger salad

I ate a lot of random snacks this afternoon because I was tired. I was super upset about it and Ben said I could be mad at myself for 5 minutes and then he counted down 5-4-3-2-1 and that was it. Get over it.

You fall down, you get up. I didn’t gain five pounds from snacking this afternoon, but doing it day after day would eventually lead to weight gain. So, snap out of it and move on with “normal” eating at the next meal :)


  1. says

    pizza cookie?! that is an awesome idea. i’ve never heard of that before. why couldn’t you have been my babysitter when i was little?! haha :)

  2. Ashley C says

    I love those pizza cookie things! I always buy them from Mrs. Fields at the mall because they look so good, but then they always taste stale. I like your header by the way, I haven’t seen it yet and it’s really cute. Good mentality about the snacky afternoon, nice to have a good guy who loves you no matter what you eat or what you weigh :-)

  3. says

    where did you get that cookie???? WANT.

    In terms of snacking… I struggle with this too. It can actually get me really stressed out which is bad because I end up giving way too much power to food (which in turn makes me want it more, and then feel guilty, and all sorts of negative stuff). In some magazine I was reading it said something like, “Women spend too much time freaking out about food. Okay, you ate the cookie. Get over it.” Not to say we shouldn´t think about what we are eating, but once what is done is done, harping on the past just leads to a whole bunch of ugly feelings. Committing to making a better choice next time is easier said than done, but I really like the 5 minute thing!!! Spend 5 minutes thinking about what made me do that and why I wish I hadn´t and then, move on and put it behind me. I am trying that next time :) Thanks.

  4. says

    Haha my hubby doesn’t like PB and Banana either! Weird!!!!!

    I have days when I feel like all I do is eat all afternoon. Usually when I’m stressed, tired, or just hungry, but I try to remember that tomorrow is a new day and it will all balance out! :)

    Try not to look at it from each day but more as a whole. You had so many healthy foods today as well! :) That’s the most important thing.

  5. Kate says

    That cookie looks delish!

    Don’t be mad at yourself for snacking too much…”you fall down seven times, stand up eight”.

    I have been reading your blog for a while, I love reading your blog because we are so similiar, except I envy your running ability — I have always wanted to be a runner, but I am seriously afraid. I also live in Maryland and struggle with the last 10 pounds of weight I want to lose. Most importantly I enjoy reading your blog because you keep it real.

    I think everybody has bad snack days — last night I literally ate a 1/2 gallon of icecream. It happens once a month and I have trouble controlling it.

    Keep up the positive attitude and great work. :)

  6. says

    Ben’s a smart fellow! He’s totally right that beating yourself up over it doesn’t get you anywhere. I actually find that when I continue to feel guilty about over-snacking, it gets me all stressed and I end up MORE likely to eat emotionally the next day, perpetuating the cycle! Ugh!

    But he doesn’t like PB and banana? SHAME ON HIM! 😉

  7. says

    I think it’s so strange that I would normally not want a cookie shaped like a pizza. I never crave sweets, especially candy BUT when I am around my niece… I see her eat junk and I just want to eat with her and I know its bad and I want her to eat healthy, but I get a lot of joy from giving her candy and other junk food because it makes her happy, so it makes me so happy! And OMG I love sweet potato french fries. I love anything sweet potato. YUM. My favorite!

    I think its awesome that you don’t get discouraged when “you fall down.” I think that’s how everyone should be. Why feel bad about eating something? It’s already done… I don’t feel bad, I just made sure I eat better for the rest of the week or whatever. I never understood that why people eat and then beat themselves up for it.

  8. Erin says

    I have been reading your blog on a semi-regular basis for a few months now. I read because you are funny (I especially love the convos between you and Ben – he is also hilarious!), smart, and talk about running sometimes, which I am interested in. But I have to say it, and I sincerely do not intend to be mean or rude in any way, but it seems like every day you beat yourself up about what you eat, and it’s really hard to read. You always seem to end your posts on a positive note, but it doesn’t seem like you are getting the help you need with this problem, and I wonder if being so involved in a ‘healthy living’ blog world is really healthy for you. I think I will have to stop reading your blog, because the negativity is bringing all the positive things about your blog down. And really, you are good enough and pretty enough and (ugh i hate this word) thin enough, just the way you are.

  9. says

    Love the dessert pizza and your little philosophy at the end of this post; sometimes I just need to tell myself to get over something (food or otherwise; seriously, just move on Caronae! Duh.)

    Happy Friday :)

  10. says

    I found this blog on social bookmarking site. I liked it and gave you a fave! By the way I also really like your blog theme! Did you create it yourself or can I download it from somehwere?

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