Leftovers for Lunch

I ended up being really snacky Saturday. My stomach still felt “off”, but I was hungry too?!

I ate leftovers for lunch…IMG 7138 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

Plus leftover Cheesecake Factory chocolate cake!!!IMG 7140 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

And random snacks for dinner, including bites of Pizza bagels…

IMG 7145 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

And popcorn with a cocktail icon smile Leftovers for Lunch

IMG 7150 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

Sunday is a day of rest in more ways than one icon smile Leftovers for Lunch Ben and I took a short walk, but I don’t plan on any other exercise – I need a break!

It’s weird but I woke up sore this morning. I can only guess it’s from my run, but I run all the time?IMG 7152 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

This morning I made oatmeal in a jar with protein powder, banana, stevia and almond butter for breakfast.IMG 7156 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

After church we took a wrong turn and stumbled upon a Honey Baked Ham Cafe. Ben was excited to try this place out so he got a boxed lunch.IMG 7163 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

And I opted to make a massive veggie burger wrap at home. IMG 7161 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

Ben shared a piece of his Cheesecake Brownie with me too. That’s love.IMG 7167 thumb Leftovers for Lunch

I gotta sneak out of here before Ben gets back from the gym…


    • says

      My husband is like that. If he doesn’t eat right away when he’s hungry, he starts to feel nauseous. We always have to carry snacks with us.

  1. says

    I thought I knew what snacky feels like..than I got pregnant. Out of control snakiness!

    Leftovers are the best…especially when they include leftover chocolate cake!

  2. says

    That really is love :)
    My stomach was not in the best mood the other day but it didn’t slow down my hunger at all, so I definitely understand where you’re coming from on that.
    At least your snacks aren’t like my snacks! (pieces of chocolate with peanut butter, a finger full of peanut butter, a spoon of ice cream x 5, etc. lol)

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