Marathon Monday!!!

As you know (unless you’ve been living under a rock in blogland) today is the

Boston Marathon!

It is my dream to qualify for Boston and I really look up to all those runners who qualify. I will be watching the race today and dreaming of tackling the race myself one day :)

Boston Marathon random info:

– The oldest annual marathon in the world

– You have to qualify to run Boston, but you can also sign up with a charity

– The winners of the Men and Women Open Division Winners each receive $150,000

– The race is on a Monday

– Approximately 25,000 runners will race today

– The Boston Marathon course has a reputation for being one of the most difficult courses

Wanna Watch the Boston Marathon? WBZ-Boston is streaming it online!

Run: I started the day with a less than qualifying for Boston paced run :) 6 miles in approx 56 minutes. Um, I better speed it up if I want to get to Boston!!!

Eat: This morning I made an easy breakfast of Ezekiel muffin with almond butter and butta with stevia and cinnamon. I put too much cinnamon though and added some jelly to take the edge off.ezekiel muffin

Plus watermelon for the fruit factor.IMG_7177 and coffee for warmth. It’s cold today!coffee

Fail: Last night I realized that I made a mistake in scheduling my flights to Orlando this week :( I somehow managed to book Orlando to Baltimore instead of vice versa?!?!

I fixed the mistake, but it cost me an extra $115. Boo.

I have a very long To Do list since I am leaving tomorrow at 3pm!!!  I will be in Orlando only two days and should be home by late Thursday night. I will be blogging from Florida too of course.

Stay tuned for good eats from my travels to Disney World!

See you later :)


  1. Kristine says

    AND it also starts in my hometown!!! It’s not known for anything EXCEPT the marathon!! We don’t even have a drive through. It’s so small! :)

  2. says

    I’m watching the marathon on TV right now :) I love it. I also love when runners get proposed to at the finish line, it’s happened a few times and the cameras have been there to capture it :) adorbs.
    I think you should totally run with a charity if you want to run the race. You won’t have to kill yourself to make a qualifying time and you get to have fun fundraisers to raise money for your charity! Do it up and you can run next year!

  3. says

    omg, it would be so cool if you could qualify for boston!!!

    bummer about the flight error. you are only human with a ton on your mind!

    have a safe flight and a great trip!

  4. says

    Have fun in my town! Let me know if you just happen to have any random free time while you’re here. 😉 Otherwise enjoy the time with the fam!

  5. says

    You’ll get to Boston one day! :) I have so much faith in you girl.

    Have a fantastic time in Orlando. I missed why you will be there but I hope you have an amazing time regardless.

  6. Carla of Sydney says

    Hi there! I have never commented before but I have now come out of the “lurking closet” to make you fel better about your flight booking issue…..I live in Sydney, Australia and last October I visited the US for the first time (PS: The States are so awesome and I am so jealous of all of you that can live there!!!). Anyway….I am usually the most organised person with EXTREME attention to detail. I turned up 24 hours late for my flight….I thought I was leaving Australia on Monday night but it was actually SUNDAY!!!! I had a non adjustable ticket so this cost me an extra $1500 Australian (about $1300 USD at the time). I was so devastated and that was all I could think about for the first few days of my trip. Needless to say I had the BEST HOLIDAY of my life and I am heading back in 7 weeks time. I have checked my itinerary about 50 times already to make sure I turn up on the right day this time! So don’t feel bad about your mistake at all. I love your blog and I especially love how positive you are….this is what I love the most about people in America!

  7. says

    One thing I really like about blog posts is that often they spark an idea in my brain. Once that happens, I feel as I must write a comment hoping it may be valuable to some people.

  8. says

    You’ll get to Boston one day! :) I have so much faith in you girl.

    Have a fantastic time in Orlando. I missed why you will be there but I hope you have an amazing time regardless.

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