Break Fast

Ben and I break glasses like we live at a Jewish wedding. We must break at least 1 glass a week! But, yesterday I broke something special and I was very sad :(IMG_7453

My mom bought us Mr. and Mrs. mugs from Disney World and I had the important task of bringing them home. When I took them out of the box I saw that Ben’s mug was broken. Boo. I broke it before he even had the chance to see it! IMG_7451

We are trying to glue it back together, but I don’t know if it’s going to work.

Then, this morning Ben was washing dishes and the blender slipped out of his hand and fell. The entire glass blender jar shattered shards of glass every where! Today it is my mission to go get a new one. I can’t live a day without a blender!!

Run: Saturday I woke up late and wasn’t feeling great. I had been planning on a long run, but wasn’t sure how much I could do. I ended up doing 10 miles. I’m glad I fueled up before I left with some cereal!

I “broke my fast” yesterday morning with a smoothie. It was amazing and I want another one asap!

Mmmmm, Swirly…smoothie

Breakfast of champs! smoothie and toast 

Last night we hit up our friends’ house for dinner and fun! We grilled meat, veggie kabobs and red potatoes. I volunteered to bring the meat, but I’m not sure if it was good (I didn’t eat any).  I usually let Ben buy any meat he wants to eat since I’m clueless about that stuff. IMG_7469

In my defense, I also brought chicken sausages that were healthy and Ben said tasted good :) TJ’s comes through again!

Veggie kabobs…veggie kabobs

Fruit salad… fruit salad 

I also made a cole slaw with chickpeas, almond slivers and cranberries. I thought it was amazing, but I’m not sure if anyone else liked it. I firmly believe in bringing a salad with beans in it to any get-together so you are guaranteed an option with protein! chickpea cole slaw

Kristin had pita chips and hummus out for enjoyment while Matt grilled. I love that she always has tasty, healthy food :) hummus and pita

My plate for round one…dinner

It’s impossible to ignore the siren song of M&M’s on a counter near you…m&ms   

And she made brownies! We had hot brownies straight from the oven with ice cream. I know I have been eating too many desserts lately, but I am only human and cannot resist freshly baked brownies and ice cream. No regrets. brownie sundae

This morning Ben and I took a short walk (Sunday is a rest day for me). And I broke my fast again with a veggie scramble. It had soy chorizo, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and egg beaters. egg scramble

Plus some of this fancy sparkling Clementine juice from TJ’s.

IMG_7484 It just feels like a fancy brunch when you drink out of a wine glass, doesn’t it? IMG_7489

Now I need to hit up the store for a blender! See you guys in a bit.


  1. says

    Funny enough, I’m going to a potluck tonight and bringing a Spanish bean salad. There will probably be a couple of veggie options there but I wanted something with protein.

    No one should ever have to resist a hot brownie!

  2. says

    I have a huge sweet tooth, and brownies fresh from the oven are the best!

    So sad about the mug, it was totally cute. I hope the glue holds!

  3. says

    That mug set is so cute – sorry it broke!

    We broke our blender a year or so ago – fortunately it was close enough to my bridal shower so we didn’t need to buy one!

    Good luck finding a new one!

  4. says

    Aw, I’m sorry about Ben’s mug.
    I break blenders like it’s my job. I hope you find a good one.

    I don’t blame you for diving into the warm brownies and ice cream. I marvel at anyone who can resist that temptation.

  5. says

    I just broke a brand new plate this morning too and I was quite sad about it. But I’ve also dropped an entire blender into a million pieces as well, so Ben is not alone! I’m such a klutz sometimes. :)

    Glad you are having a great weekend.

  6. says

    I’m blaming you Monica! A few weks backyou had mentioned the soy choirizo. I found it at Trader Joe’s and now I’m hooked! All the flavor without the bits and pieces (you know what I mean) and grease!

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