Sipping on the Carb-a-hol

I was innocently shopping at Giant this afternoon when I passed by the bakery. The bakery always calls my name, and this time I couldn’t resist. That’s because just as I was passing by one of the bakers was restocking the Cheese Bagels!

I had to go over and see if they were warm. As a kid, my mom would ALWAYS buy French Bread if it was warm when we were shopping. So, there was no question – a cheese bagel was coming home with me.

It didn’t even make it home because I ate half of it in the car! Mmmmmm…sipping on the carb-a-hol. IMG 7531 thumb Sipping on the Carb a hol

This morning I went on a rough 5 miler. For some reason I just couldn’t get in the groove of it and the whole run felt forced. Oh well.

Breakfast: Cereals, yogurt (on the bottom), banana, chia seeds and almond milk. I’ve decided I don’t really like yogurt with cereal. But, almond milk doesn’t provide enough protein for me to have a bowl of cereal with AM. So, I used both! IMG 7521 thumb Sipping on the Carb a hol

In addition to my carb-a-hol problem, I have a problem with drinking. Today’s drink choices included DD iced coffee.IMG 7523 thumb Sipping on the Carb a hol

And a Coke Zero. IMG 7526 thumb Sipping on the Carb a hol

Lunch: I knew protein was a priority after a carb heavy day so I made an egg scramble with veggies and ff cheese. IMG 7528 thumb Sipping on the Carb a hol 

Now that I think about it, I’m addicted to hummus too! This sandwich was generously dipped in the stuff. IMG 7530 thumb Sipping on the Carb a hol

Don’t forget to create an amazing smoothie recipe and enter on this post to win a Magic Bullet To Go!!! Rumor has it, there will be more than one winner!!!


  1. says

    Hey ,

    First of all your cheese bagels look so much better than the cheese bagels available to me. EVen the fresh ones. Altho I am a big fan of the cheddar and herb one that Loblaw’s sells, its like pizza!

    Second why I am not visiting your blog more often . SO MUCH CHEESE!

  2. says

    oh god. that bagel looks so dang good.. i want to lick the monitor! so a gal commented on my blog a few times this week and her blog name is the same as yours! i got so confused, but i realized it wasn’t you. i love this catchy title, by the way.

  3. says

    The egg scramble looks great! I love yogurt on the side of my cereal. Give me some Kashi Go Lean with a random flavor of Chobani on the side…yum!

  4. says

    cheese bagel? OMG! I used to make my own when I was younger with some mozz cheese on top.. but this looks way better!! I have a drinking problem too but luckily it’s mostly just water. Now I want some DD iced coffee!!

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