Flashback Friday and Big Salads


I am obsessed with BIG salads lately! After Kickboxing I was starving! I rushed home and threw together a salad that would rock your world. I hate that pictures can’t capture the sheer magnitude of this meal. It had spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage salad, chickpeas, hummus, hot sauce… I like my chickpeas warm so I heat them up in the … [Read more...]

Please stand up, Please stand up


Ben came home with a standing desk the other day. It was part of some equipment his office was throwing out and he figured he could find something to do with it. I was so excited when I saw it I immediately set up my laptop and claimed it as my own! I have always wanted a standing desk!!! I hate sitting all day and get way to antsy. Now I can stand, sit, sway back and … [Read more...]

Meal/Snack Mack? Sneal?


Today I was hungry all day! My snacks were more like meals. I didn’t even realize it until I devoured most of the kitchen. I didn’t take pics of my meal/snack – or should I call it a “Mack?” “Sneal?” Take this as a representation of the oddly timed foodies of my day… I am burnt out on the computer/blogs/life. Can you tell? RER has been less than fun this week :( Boo. I’m be … [Read more...]