May 2010 Challenge: Clean up Your Snack


Happy May 1st! I am continuing my challenge to make 2010 my Healthiest Year yet by adding a new healthy challenge to each month. So far I have done: January: Meatless Monday February: Stop Eating After Dinner March: Kept working on no eating after dinner (my worst habit!) April: Stop eating artificial sweeteners My May Challenge will be: Clean up your Snack Random … [Read more...]

Maiwand Kabob


Hello hello :) Well, today turned into my “cheat day” after an indulgent afternoon and dinner. So, I have to stay on track tomorrow (Saturday is usually my cheat day). Boo. Ben and I went out to dinner tonight in honor of our 3 year anniversary. Three years ago we had our first date :) It’s funny to think about how short 3 years is, but how much has changed in that time! We … [Read more...]