Maiwand Kabob

Hello hello icon smile Maiwand Kabob Well, today turned into my “cheat day” after an indulgent afternoon and dinner. So, I have to stay on track tomorrow (Saturday is usually my cheat day). Boo.

Ben and I went out to dinner tonight in honor of our 3 year anniversary. Three years ago we had our first date icon smile Maiwand Kabob It’s funny to think about how short 3 years is, but how much has changed in that time!

We went to Maiwand Kabob, an Afghan restaurant that DailyGoods mentioned the other day. When she mentioned “Afghan” and “veggie platter” I knew I had to try it!IMG 7613 thumb Maiwand Kabob

I knew I was getting the veggie platter before even looking at the menu = easy ordering!  It had potatoes, spinach, rice, chickpeas, pumpkin and fried eggplant. Most of it was covered in yogurt sauce. Unfortunately, I’m not the biggest fan of yogurt sauce (blogger blasphemy, I know). IMG 7614 thumb Maiwand Kabob 

It was good but very greasy. Despite that (or maybe because of it) , I  really enjoyed this meal! I mean, I can eat chickpeas all day. Actually, I did eat chickpeas all day. I had a salad with chickpeas and hummus for lunch and this for dinner. IMG 7615 thumb Maiwand Kabob

I told Ben we were out of cereal this morning so I poured a bowl of chickpeas and milk for breakfast icon wink Maiwand Kabob Kidding. But, that does sound like a good idea…

We also ordered an eggplant appetizer to start. This was good too, but super greasy. After I ate it all (forgot to leave some for my homies) I saw a puddle of oil. Actually, there was a puddle of oil on my other plate too. IMG 7617 thumb Maiwand Kabob

But don’t worry, this tandori bread came in handy to sop up the extra calories, I mean juices. I LOVE bread. All bread. Gimme gimme. IMG 7621 thumb Maiwand Kabob

Earlier, Ben met me at the mall. We got an Iced Mexican Mocha from the Nordstrom Cafe. It totally tasted like Mexican Hot Cold Chocolate! And no, we cannot get it without whipped cream because Ben LOVES the stuff. But, sharing a drink with whipped is better than getting my own without. IMG 7610 thumb Maiwand Kabob

Ben joked that it probably had chili in it and that’s why it was “Mexican” Mocha.IMG 7611 thumb Maiwand Kabob

Yum! As an official representative of the Mexican people, I can confirm that this tasted like Abuelita hot chocolate, only cold. IMG 7612 thumb Maiwand Kabob

On my little walk today I spotted a family of geese that I’ve been stalking on my runs. I love them. There are a bunch of fuzzy little geese babies that melt my heart icon smile Maiwand Kabob IMG 7609 thumb Maiwand Kabob

Okay, I am off to chug some water and try and get some sleep. I ate a lot today and am trying to get back on track with a morning run and healthy eating this weekend.

I usually over eat on the weekends, so my challenge for Saturday and Sunday is to stay on plan! Wish me luck icon smile Maiwand Kabob

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  1. says

    overeating chickpeas and veggies all day certainly trumps my overeating cookies, pie and ice cream (with a handful/bag of tortilla chips and guac to boot). just sayin… happy anny lovey!!

  2. says

    I bet you could do sweet pumpkin spice chickpeas, get ‘em REAL toasty/crispy and eat them like cereal! Mmmmm? Then you could have a chick(pea)fest!

  3. says

    Happy anniversary. That drink looks so good. I have not had a whipped cream covered drink for a long time. I think that might be on my “cheat day” list.

  4. Sahar says

    I love Afghan food, but I know it’s not an every day kind of meal for most people. I can assure you that the amount of oil was totally normal – most dishes are pretty heavy. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  5. says

    I love Afghani food, although I’ve only had it once. The restaurant we ate at in Seattle was actually not very greasy, which I’m guessing is not typical based on the other comments about Afghani food.

    Did the Mexican Mocha have cinnamon and/or black pepper in it? Most things I have eaten with “Mexican Chocolate” have one of those two ingredients to make it “Mexican”, although I’m not sure about the Mexican-ness of cinnamon or black pepper. :)

  6. says

    Hmmm, never had Afghan food but it looks yummy. Kind of like Indian, no? Well, even though you sacrificed your cheat day for yesterday, I think it was worth it! :)
    And ps- no one will know if you sneak in a cookie or two today! :)

    Love ya girl

  7. says

    congrats on 3 years!! :) glad you got to try maiwand! it is greasy, but a definite meal to enjoy! my FAV is the pumpkin. did you like that? the chickpeas are greatttt. their bread is so fresh they make it right there for you when you order it. I could eat at least 3 of them haha.

  8. Kristin D says

    Happy Anniversary! :)

    Wow…that Mexican Mocha totally reminded me of a drink I used to get in college. There was a little coffee shop called Moonstruck and they had a similar hot drink they called “the Mayan.” So good!

    P.S. – I read your blog all the time and I love your honesty. And your humor…you make me laugh daily. :) Rock on!

  9. Zuzanka says

    Wow, I saw the same little geese babies on my run this morning too!! Actually, we saw them twice as we made two loops around the lake. It was my first time with this running group and we did 14 miles together, you should totally join us one Saturday!

  10. Heather C says

    I struggle with over eating on the weekends too, it’s like you throw me just a bit off my normal routine & I’m a goner!
    I adore iced/frozen coffee drinks, I really want to make some from the Hungry Girl book but with better ingredients!
    Happy Anniversary!

  11. adriana says

    That drink looks delicious. i will have to try it next time i go to the cerritos nordstrom!

  12. Sarah says

    If Canadian Geese live in the US, wouldn’t that make them Snowbirds? You know that it’s spring when you see all the babies! Too cute. Congrats on your Anniversary!

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