May 2010 Challenge: Clean up Your Snack

Happy May 1st! I am continuing my challenge to make 2010 my Healthiest Year yet by adding a new healthy challenge to each month.

So far I have done:

January: Meatless Monday

February: Stop Eating After Dinner

March: Kept working on no eating after dinner (my worst habit!)

April: Stop eating artificial sweeteners

My May Challenge will be: Clean up your Snack

Random snacking is still my second worst habit besides picking my nose. So, this month I will focus on picking two snacks a day and that is it. I  randomly snack during the day and that misses the camera so I don’t realize how much I’m eating.

May Challenge Plan:

- Choose 2 snacks a day each morning

- Pack them or get them ready for later in the day

- Don’t eat anything in the kitchen outside of those snacks

- Eat the snacks when I am hungry instead of “saving them” for when I’m hungrier and eating both


This morning I had an amazing run! Finally!! I am so happy icon smile May 2010 Challenge: Clean up Your Snack I ran 12 miles and felt really good! I like running around town and stopping when I hit my target. Then, I call Ben  to pick me up. I love that guy.

I actually planned to run to a shopping center that has a Subway. The company sent me a gift card to try their new Breakfast Sandwiches and I knew today was a good day to give it a whirl. IMG 7623 thumb May 2010 Challenge: Clean up Your Snack

I LOVE that you can order egg white sandwiches and put all the sandwich veggies on it! I got the Egg (white) and Cheese on an English Muffin. The pepper jack cheese was great with this sandwich.

IMG 7625 thumb May 2010 Challenge: Clean up Your Snack

If you really want to pile the veggies on I would suggest ordering the flatbread or wheat bread instead. Since this bread is small, it was hard to have them put a lot of the good stuff. IMG 7626 thumb May 2010 Challenge: Clean up Your Snack

I enjoyed this sandwich so much I had lettuce on my arm and didn’t even realize it. I get into my food. IMG 7630 thumb May 2010 Challenge: Clean up Your Snack

Stay Tuned for a Subway Giveaway on Monday! Eat Fresh icon smile May 2010 Challenge: Clean up Your Snack


  1. says

    “I get into my food” … Ha! I love it!
    Kudos on the May goal, but I’ve gotta say – I could NEVER stick to just two snacks a day. I usually pack at least 3 or 4 (apple, yogurt, granola bar, veggies and hummus are my staples) along with my lunch (spinach salad with chicken) and I’m still starved when I get home. And you’re running lot of miles!

  2. says

    My worst habit is definitely snacking. But its not so much mindless snacking as it is a bite of this, a taste of that, usually when Im so hungry I just cant decide what I want to eat or when Im preparing dinner/meals. But Im working on it :)

  3. Christy says

    Great challenge! I read a tip somewhere about eating while working at home. It said to pack your food for the day as if you’re going to the office, and let the kitchen be off limits until dinner time. Haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like a great idea!

    • says

      that does sound like a great idea. I do have an office I go to 5 days a week which helps me in snack prep = snack eating…but i think i may start implementing snack packing for the weekends too. Such a great suggestion!

  4. says

    Great challenge idea! I am a big snacker too and have found making larger snacks with a bit of protein have helped me cut out random BLTs. I am a mess when I eat subway – bits of veggies everywhere!!

  5. says

    if i don’t have food on my arm or someplace on my body, i must have not eaten! i was wondering how those subway breakfast sandwiches were, thanks for the scoop!
    great job with your goals and congrats on an aweseome run!

  6. says

    I don’t really “snack” per se. I’m more of a meal girl, throughout the day. 4-5ish of them. I do try to stick below 2,000 calories and spread my food out. My stomach starts to burn if I go too long without eating.

    Love the lettuce on the arm, must have been a great sandwich!

  7. says

    i’m glad you are smart enough to listen to your body’s needs vs. your habits wants. this is such a great challenge for yourself – and i know that you are wise to change it if needed, and don’t doubt that you are making good decisions for yourself!

    Mindlessly snacking is something I’ve been trying to cut out as well – also choosing GOOD snacks is a key point I need to start making. I may join in making a focus for May smart snacking :)

    Also – i recently tried one of the subway breakfast sandwiches as well – SO YUMMY! and glad that you can pile on the veggies. What kind of condiment did you use on your sandwich?

  8. says

    Those subway bfast sandwiches actually look pretty good. I love subway. It’s so easy and delicious! Good luck with your May challenge!

  9. says

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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