Walk a do

Hello! Ben and I started the day with a walk. It was beautiful today and I ran into my friends, the Geese family! They make me happy :)IMG_7661

We hit up the mall because Ben needed sun glasses. Apparently, he thinks he needs a kayak too… Ben in kayak

He actually slept in today and I stalled my grumbling stomach with an iced coffee :) iced coffee  

Breakfast! Before the walk I made pancakes for breakfast. I blend my pancakes ingredients. blender

Banana pancakes with syrup. After the picture I added almond butter. Breakfast is always best with almond butter.


Snack time = a lot of fruit and yogurt. I was chopping up the cantaloupe and decided to make a fruit salad. PB Puffins may have been added after the fruit was gone. Maybe. And by maybe I mean, you bet your ass I ate Puffins today.IMG_7672

Sushi for dinner. I picked up this brown rice sushi on a whim yesterday.  I just wish I could taste the avocado more.IMG_7680

I also made some of these Dr.Praeger’s fish sticks. I was looking for a healthy fish stick option and this fit the bill. IMG_7675

They were good in the oven, but Ben made some in the microwave the other day and said they were not good like that. IMG_7683 

Cleanse time – Ben and I are doing a 14 day cleanse. It’s a very  mild complete body cleanse I found at Trader Joe’s.

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I just want to see if this cleanse makes me feel any better. I will report back with details.

The only negative so far is there are a TON of pills to take at night. We’ll see.cleanse

See you Monday!


  1. Lisa says

    Cool! I’ve been curious about those cleanses. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. says

    OH, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the cleanse. I have been curious about them. I had a friend do a cleanse by only eating raw vegetables for a week. That would last about one day for me. Good luck suck down the pills.

  3. says

    I dont think I have ever heard much about a cleanse system that involves lots of pills. I thought cleansing was supposed to be a natural way of cleaning out your system?!?! Hope it works! :)

  4. Lia says

    Why do you and Ben feel like you need to do a cleanse? I tend to agree more with those sources that say the human body, fed right, is perfectly capable of cleansing itself and doesn’t need pills to help. That you’re doing it is a little scary to me just because I tend to distrust unnecessary pills. :( I only say this because I like and admire you a lot so I want to know your reasoning, and it seems like this came out of the blue.

  5. says

    Aww~ those baby geese are darling! It always makes me smile when I see them when I’m out walking :) And I totally agree: breakfast (especially a pancakey one) IS always better with almond butter….

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