Diet Coke and Red Hair


How the heck does Natalie Dee manage to create cartoons exactly for this red-headed blogger with an obsession for Diet Coke? I am once again amazed by her awesomeness... This one is titled: "Nooo Don't Drink It" The second pic isn't working, but it's here: Lunch: Massive Salad!!! Because I am in love with … [Read more...]

Banana Bread French Toast


What do you do when you baked a delicious loaf of banana bread, but know it’s just going to “disappear” on the counter with countless “little” bites? Make Banana Bread French Toast! This way you can actually savor it. Plus,  it’s an excuse to pour syrup on something. I dipped the leftover bread slices in an egg mixture of: 2 eggs, splash vanilla, cinnamon, milk and … [Read more...]

Cinco De Mayo ‘10


This post title has nothing to do with anything I did or ate today. I feel ashamed that I’m not celebrating my people’s remembrance of the battle of Puebla. This is not Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16). Ha, I just found this website Mexonline for more info. I want to change my website to MonicatheMexonline... What do you think? I didn’t make Mexican food because I … [Read more...]