Cinco De Mayo ‘10

This post title has nothing to do with anything I did or ate today. I feel ashamed that I’m not celebrating my people’s remembrance of the battle of Puebla. This is not Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16). Ha, I just found this website Mexonline for more info. I want to change my website to MonicatheMexonline… What do you think?


I didn’t make Mexican food because I needed to cook this tofu  and planned on making my favorite – Tofu and Eggplant. I stir-fry it up with garlic and onions and then add TJ’s teriyaki sauce.

I LOVE this dinner.tofu and eggplant

I also planned on dessert tonight… ice cream! These were burning a hole in my pocket freezer since I bought them two days ago! That must be a record.IMG_7790

Salad. Beautiful salad for lunch…IMG_7781

PB&J for snack time. Okay, AB&J, but I still say PB&J sometimes.IMG_7783

Actually, Cinco de Mayo is a very special day for Ben and I. This was the night of our third date when we went to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

After work three years ago we drove to Las Vegas, stayed the night then went to the Grand Canyon for the day. We were just two crazy dumb kids ignorantly going to desolate locations with a stranger. monica and ben grand can and falling in love… monica hoover dam Happy Cinco de Mayo from your friendly Mexican blogger :)

I’m going to make a margarita… Buenos Noches.


  1. Kayla says

    Wow! Ben looks so different then! Also please share if his co-workers were thrilled about the banana bread… I’m sure you guys are their favorites now! 😀

  2. says

    Ha! He does look different, I didn’t even realize when I posted that.
    He said a few people ate the bread and liked it. I told him I was trying to “buy” him friends at his work :)

  3. Lisa says

    Awe!! Cute pictures! That sounds like a great memory. 😉 and if it makes you feel better, I went to my BF’s house to meet him for the first time! Crazy stupid but I had a gut feeling. And it worked. 😀

  4. Ashley C says

    I LOVE that story of you guys! So adorable! I wish I have ever done anything that spontaneous in my life.

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