Just Wanna Eat


Ever have those days where you just want to eat? You know you’re not hungry, but feel like munching? That was me today. After grabbing a small bowl of cereal, a pear and a handful or two of trail mix I made some popcorn and decided this would be my last snack of the day. I used to be obsessed with popcorn. I don’t know why I forgot about it, but it’s back BIG time now! I am … [Read more...]

Happy Friday!


I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, but this week and next I am working for my old job from California. They needed some help and I can telecommute, so I have been a busy bee! I worked for a recruiting company in CA through most of college and stayed on board full time for a while after graduating before I found a reporting job. This morning I took a 20 minute walk and … [Read more...]

Beans and Sweet Potatoes


I finally combined my two loves beans and sweet potatoes! My mom says sweet potatoes were my favorite baby food and I have been raised on beans, so it only makes sense. Caitlin has sworn by this combo, but I was hesitant to try it since I didn’t think I liked baked beans. Well, turns out I LOVE this combo! I needed ice cream for dessert because I wanted something to make … [Read more...]