Gourmet Day

Ben said we had a gourmet day today!  It started out normal with a BIG yogurt bowl. I always am hungry on the day after a long run so I made sure to pile this with fruit, yogurt, a lot of cereal and PB.IMG 7873 thumb Gourmet Day

I also “cleaned” this almond butter jar with a spoon. I was going to put the yogurt bowl in this, but I put it in the micro for a second and it sparked, which scared me. But I still ate the AB icon smile Gourmet Day

Bad News though, TJ’s was out of my precious AB yesterday. I almost caused a scene and was about to either scream or cry when I confirmed it with an employee. I decided I wanted to be welcome in TJ’s another day so I held it in.IMG 7870 thumb Gourmet Day

Then, I got a flash of LOST at church. They showed a video where Desmond was Jesus. I wanted to ask the person by me if they realized this too, so I did. Luckily, that person was Ben icon smile Gourmet Day

videod5cad11c97b0 Gourmet Day

After church we packed a lunch and had a picnic at a local park. IMG 7875 thumb Gourmet Day

I packed a salad in my hummus container. I use hummus containers like other peeps use almost empty nut butter jars. It was filled with veggies, hummus and beans – lots of beans. IMG 7878 thumb Gourmet Day

This park is HUGE and since Ben hadn’t been there before  I conned him into walking around the entire lake.  I love taking a long walk after eating. IMG 7884 thumb Gourmet Day

I love the little geese babies every where. IMG 7882 thumb Gourmet Day

After we walked off lunch we were ready for round two!IMG 7886 thumb Gourmet Day

Ben has been wanting to try the Iron Bridge Wine Co. for a while. A co-worker told him great things about it and we’ve passed by a few times, but it’s never worked out. Well, today it seemed like the perfect afternoon snack!IMG 7890 thumb Gourmet Day

Ben got a flight that I helped him with… I actually really liked two out of three of these. Normally I order my own wine and then pawn it off on him if I don’t like it. Today was the opposite icon smile Gourmet Day IMG 7888 thumb Gourmet Day

We ordered the Eggs Chesapeake because I’ve never had Eggs Benedict and this one also had crab (my new obsession). Since this place is fancy the portions were perfectly sized and it was just enough to have a few bites for a taste.IMG 7892 thumb Gourmet Day

I swear Ben suggested dessert and decided on the Brownie Sundae! I know he did it because that’s what I love, but I wanted him to order what he wanted so he would eat more of it! Luckily, he did.

Hot brownies with vanilla gelato, is there anything better?

No. The answer is no. IMG 7895 thumb Gourmet Day

Then, we went to Ellicott City to walk around and enjoy the old timey area icon smile Gourmet Day IMG 7897 thumb Gourmet Day

A stop at the Little French Market was necessary for a refreshment…IMG 7904 thumb Gourmet Day

This place is adorable. And look at that guy sitting outside waiting for me…

Fun fact: Ben can only do a French accent. One time I asked him to do an Australian accent and all he did was say, “Huh huh huh, do you want to see my koala? My back yard has a kangaroo…” In a French accent. I told him listing Australian animals in a French accent doesn’t work. IMG 7903 thumb Gourmet Day

I got a decaf misto…IMG 7900 thumb Gourmet Day

…and a granola cookie! See, I told you it was a day of good eats! This cookie could have been better. I am going to recreate it (better) soon icon smile Gourmet Day IMG 7902 thumb Gourmet Day

YUM! Today was a great day of food and fun with my guy.  We just finished dinner and now I’m going to watch crappy TV and recharge until Monday morning.

Oh, I almost forgot! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there icon smile Gourmet Day

And a special Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. I love you!MONICA HOLDING A RED HEADED BABY 314x400 Gourmet Day

IMG 7430 300x400 Gourmet Day


  1. says

    You look just like you did when you were a baby. That wine looks pretty good right about now. I think I need to go have a glass.

  2. Ella says

    hahaha I love that Ben can only do a French accent – my husband can only do Scottish. He tries to do, like, German accents or whatever, but it always comes out Scottish!

  3. Carla of Sydney says

    I love Ben’s take on the Australian accent and, yes, it is true…..we all have kangaroos in our yards! Ha ha ha!!! When I was over in the States, I found it weird how people did not know what I was saying and this was especially hard in food places. I remember being in a diner of some sort and the waiter said “White or Wheat?” about my bread and I said “Wheat” but white came. I think Australians totally understand the American accent because of TV and there are not many Australian accents on TV over there I guess!

    You were such a gorgeous baby by the way! Too cute!

    • says

      Carla, I love that story about the bread. If I ever get to Australia I’m sure they will not be able to understand me either :)

      One of my fave shows, LOST, has a few people with Australian accents and I love it.

  4. says

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  5. says

    Was that Centennial Park? I love it there. I ran around the park the other day and was happy to see the water fountains and bathrooms were open!

    My mom loves the Iron Bridge but I haven’t been for a meal yet, I should!

  6. Alyssa says

    I went to the TJs in Towson yesterday and they were out of almond butter with flax too! I asked if there was some sort of shortage with the company but they said no….so weird!

  7. says

    Don’t you love a church that uses pop culture references to explain the sermon? I sure do! :)

    If you ever get a chance to try Eggs Benedict with smoke salmon and cream cheese do not, I repeat, do not pass it up. It is my favorite version of Eggs Benedict!

  8. says

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