Running Hair


I run. I have a lot of hair. Not that kind of hair, I wax. Anyways, my hair can cause a lot of problems on my runs. This is me after my first marathon (excuse the drunk look in my eyes, I did just run my first mary and all)… It took me a very long time to get this rat’s nest out. And really, after running the last thing I want to do is F with my hair for an hour. My mom … [Read more...]

Satisfaction Guaranteed


While I am not willing to put a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” label on Run,Eat,Repeat – I did have a satisfaction related revelation today. I found myself snacking after breakfast and lunch today and knew it was stress related. But, I also realized my meals weren’t what I actually wanted – they were what I thought I should have. I am less likely to randomly eat if I am … [Read more...]