Satisfaction Guaranteed

While I am not willing to put a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” label on Run,Eat,Repeat – I did have a satisfaction related revelation today.

I found myself snacking after breakfast and lunch today and knew it was stress related. But, I also realized my meals weren’t what I actually wanted – they were what I thought I should have. 100SatisfactionGuaranteed

I am less likely to randomly eat if I am satisfied with  my food choices (Intuitive Eating at it’s finest). Looking back on my old food pics from the last year I see so many random snacks and overeating for this reason.

While I am still trying to lose weight, I am going to try and balance eating what I want while keeping in mind sticking to ww points for a few weeks and see how that works for me.

Lunch: I was a hungry bear around lunch time so I knew protein was a good idea. I scrambled up an egg with veggies. I am obsessed with cucumbers right now and had a ton while cooking with hummus. It’s one of those things I forgot I loves?IMG_7913

Pear, cuz that’s how I’m shaped: IMG_7914

After work I got a facial and ended up getting home super late. I made a massive salad with massive amounts of chickpeas. It looked like this, kinda… except for not at all since this is a random old picture I found today.big salad

Then, I ate dessert…DSCN0525

But there is still no Almond Butter at TJ’s! They said it will be in tomorrow. When I started to cry I had to tell the worker it was because I stubbed my toe on the banana display. I don’t think he bought it though :(


I just found this pic of a great run – 4 miles in 35 minutes! I need to get back there!!! This is inspiration – I’m going to make this my new screen saver.DSCN0204

Hope you all had a less crazy Monday than me.

And if you won the Magic Bullet To-Go contest please get back to me asap!


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    Wow! I can’t imagine ever being able to run an 8:43 pace! Good for you! I sent you an e-mail about the Magic Bullet contest already.

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    I totally get that way! When I don’t feel satisfied and inspired by my meals I get very peckish. I hope they get the almond butter in! I have actually never tried it. I’ve only had peanut butter…which is fantastic!

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    I never eat ice cream in the middle of the day….but yesterday I had an intense craving and decided to eat my after-dinner ice cream in the afternoon, knowing that I would snack my way around it if I didn’t satisfy the craving. It worked :)

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    i love that you are using that pic of your garmin as your screen saver for motivation! There is something wonderful to be said about the fact that you are allowing yourself to be inspired and motivated by YOURSELF. so often we look to others for that daily dose of inspiration (especially in the blog world, no?) and the fact that you are stirring something deep within you from YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES is a gorgeous, fabulous thing! awesomeness!

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