Dirty not Sweaty


This morning I took a STRIKE class at the gym. It’s like Kickboxing with a light bar. Unfortunately, the class was not a good work out and I didn’t get my heart rate up or get sweaty. Boo. I hate feeling like I am wasting time in a class. I didn’t wake up at 5am to just stand around with my chonies on my head! Now that I’ve tried a few different classes and … [Read more...]

All that Zazz


I am obsessed with seltzer. Like, imagine how it feels to be obsessed with something and then multiply it by five million and you are halfway to how obsessed I am. Fact. Anyways, one of my favorite seltzers is Zazz because it’s cheap and comes in a few flavors. The only negative about Zazz is their cardboard containers have broken on me twice. One time soda cans went flying … [Read more...]