All that Zazz

I am obsessed with seltzer. Like, imagine how it feels to be obsessed with something and then multiply it by five million and you are halfway to how obsessed I am. Fact.

Anyways, one of my favorite seltzers is Zazz because it’s cheap and comes in a few flavors. The only negative about Zazz is their cardboard containers have broken on me twice. One time soda cans went flying every where and made quite the scene in front of my apartment.IMG 7926 thumb All that Zazz

Well, I don’t know if the cans made the scene or me frantically trying to catch them from rolling away while shouting expletives was the cause… Anyways, Zazz is a good substitute if you are trying to limit your soda intake but still drink diet Coke but don’t show it on the blog.

Lunch: I opened a can of chickpeas last night which means this place is Chickpea Central. I should really get more creative with chickpea recipes, but I can just eat them by the handful. I don’t know why, but I cannot get enough. IMG 7922 thumb All that Zazz

Snack: I made trail mix with cashews, dried cherries and cereals. This kept me full for a long time! I am on a mission to find a delicious and satisfying afternoon snack so I don’t graze through cooking dinner.  I love trail mix icon smile All that Zazz IMG 7924 thumb All that Zazz

Dinner:  Grilled cheese sandwich with sprouts and veggies on the side. I really wasn’t craving anything in particular and this was good and easy. IMG 7931 thumb All that Zazz

Now I am going to enjoy a snack while I watch LOST…


  1. says

    zazz seltzer is amazing. i love the raspberry lime flavor. definitely will NEVER replace diet coke but it’s still really good :)

  2. says

    oh, that’s an awesome cereal mix. I need to make that…

    and i’m the same way with chickpeas. i like to just throw them in things..or just eat them. they’re just delicious alone!

  3. Allison says

    The raspberry-lime Zazz is my favorite. It is pretty good. Not Diet Coke good, but good enough.

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