As Blog Is My Witness…


As blog is my witness I will enjoy more meals outside at a leisurely pace…  instead of at my desk (like when I’m downing iced coffee and random handfuls of cereal). As blog is my witness I will sign up for 2 half marathons and a full marathon to run this year. So I can hit my goal of breaking the 4 hour mark! Given the above goal, as blog is my witness I will start a … [Read more...]

Pretzel Sandwich


Dinner was based on this lovely pretzel roll I had. I actually bought it for Ben, but he said he didn’t like it. What is wrong with him?! Anyways, I made a massive hummus sandwich with mushrooms and sprouts. It may have been dipped in more hummus ;) Bread makes a sandwich. This afternoon I had some fruit and oatmeal for a snack. These oatmeal packets were on sale recently. … [Read more...]