As Blog Is My Witness…

As blog is my witness I will enjoy more meals outside at a leisurely pace…IMG 7959 thumb As Blog Is My Witness… 

instead of at my desk (like when I’m downing iced coffee and random handfuls of cereal).IMG 7947 thumb As Blog Is My Witness…

As blog is my witness I will sign up for 2 half marathons and a full marathon to run this year. So I can hit my goal of breaking the 4 hour mark!disneyfinishline thumb As Blog Is My Witness…

Given the above goal, as blog is my witness I will start a training program that will help me hit that mark – instead of running 5.9 miles at a slow pace while contemplating life (like I did today).

As blog is my witness I will not forget to post pictures of my morning snack -IMG 7943 thumb As Blog Is My Witness…

or midnight snack icon wink As Blog Is My Witness… (both from yesterday)IMG 7957 thumb As Blog Is My Witness…

As blog is my witness I will be a better blogger and

- come up with more recipes

- update my pages

- sign up for more races to keep things interesting

- finish studying for my Personal Training certification so I can be a better resource for my readers

IMG 7017 thumb As Blog Is My Witness…

As blog is my witness I will NOT eat the whole jar of this PB today this week. (God help me.) IMG 7965 thumb As Blog Is My Witness…

As blog is my witness I will let yesterday be in the past and start over today. I will get organized with work, blogging, travels, running and food. I will commit to my plan and stick to it so I am happy and healthy and sane.

Anything you want to commit to/announce on the blog?

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  1. says

    I love this post! Although I think you’re too hard on yourself generally; cut yourself some slack. You’re awesome! I’m going to copy you: Let tomorrow be in the past. I’m starting over today!

  2. Lesley says

    Cute post!! Good look with all your goals. What races are you planning on doing in the upcoming months?

  3. says

    5.9 slow miles is still a great run! Sometimes it’s good to slow down life a bit and recharge. Your future training will thank you for it.

    I vow to not eat an entire box of Cheez-Its in 3-4 days next week, like I’ve done for the past 2 weeks. So gooooood.

  4. emily says

    You are so very inspiring Monica :) I commit to let yesterdays binge be YESTERDAYS BINGE and not today. I commit to accept myself the way I AM NOW… even though I was 10 lbs lighter this time last year…. ahh what a vicious cycle it all is.. btw.. I commend you for not eating that whole PB jar.. like I basically did yesterday (BINGE!).. blah! but it’s okay.. today is a new day, right??? =)

  5. Misty says

    I love your blog! It is funny and very inspiring. I commit to better eating choices(chicken strips dipped in wing sauce does not a dinner make) and to more(and varied) exercise sessions. I began running last year and did 2 5K’s. I have a mental block of getting past the 3.5mi mark. BOO! Yesterday, I rode my bike for 6mi. YAY! Gotta start somewhere….

  6. says

    Great post – it’s always nice to state your goals and have someone to hold you to them. Good luck with everything!

    I want to commit to leaving yesterday in the past as well. I am always beating myself up about what I could have done better. Life goes on!

  7. says

    I just starting reading your blog since yesterday. I found you from the LAboxing Facebook 3 month blogging thing from FitBlogger. I am also a Laboxing member since Nov 2009. I love it!!

    Anyway, I also have been known to whole eating a peanut butter jar in less than a week. That particular brand, Peanut Butter & Co is delicious!! I had to actually ban certain types of peanut butter from my house. I have Pb2 since it is powder formed and it takes time to make (you can’t just dip a spoon or knife in there and eat).

  8. Alyssa says

    Have you tried the white chocolate PB of that brand? Dangerously amazing. Two races I am signed up for in the next month are the McVet 10K (in downtown Baltimore) and the Baltimore 10 Miler – they both sound really fun! I am also signed up for the Baltimore Marathon – I highly recommend it, last year I did the half and it was very well organized and had TONS of crowd support.

    Lastly, I will NOT eat the entire Edy’s Mudslide ice cream (that I have no idea what I was thinking buying) this weekend.

    • says

      Will I like it if I don’t like white chocolate though?
      Oh, and if I’m still in Baltimore during the next marathon I’ll be way too depressed to get out of bed, let alone run a race…

  9. says

    As your blog as my witness, I will exercise more and will stop telling myself that I’m just too tired in the morning and just too tired when I get home from work. I will stress less and enjoy life more!

    Good luck with your list!

  10. says

    Loved this post! Especially — “As blog is my witness I will let yesterday be in the past and start over today.” As for me, I commit to being kinder to myself and stop berating myself over what I look like/what the scale says/what I perceive myself to be lacking. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to re-commit!

  11. says

    Hehe, at least you ran 5.9 miles. That’s an accomplishment. I ran 5.75 today while contemplating life… actually while listening to a book. Still ran 5.75 :)
    Oh and I’ve been known to post giant notes to myself on almond butter jars. Just sayin’ – it works ;)

  12. Ashley C says

    Funny timing because I don’t normally do stuff like this, but this morning I wrote two sticky notes for myself and stuck them by my desk.
    1. “TODAY is a new day”
    2. “You can do anything you put your mind to”
    Lately I have been falling into the trap of “tomorrow is a new day/fresh start” This is a good mentality, but not if you say this EVERY night. TODAY is the new day I have been talking about. I’m back on track. I realized this morning that it’s not the stress of school, or my sister who loves sweets living with me that has made me skip workouts and go on random binges. It’s in my mind and I used my mind to lose 60 lbs so I KNOW I can go at it again to lose the 10 I gained back.
    I think we live semi-parallel lives lol. I know I’ve said this before but I have thoughts or am going through the same thing and then I read your blog later in the day and you’re on the same page. It’s pretty funny but also nice to know I’m not alone.
    Alright, Monica, I KNOW you can do all those things!! You’re amazing and you’re my inspiration for running a full marathon one day!! I know you can meet all your goals and I will be watching as I meet mine too!
    You rock!!!
    PS. This morning in the shower I decided I’m going to run the 2011 San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon… maybe we can do it together when you move back here… hint hint nudge nudge ;-)

  13. says

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