Breakfast Hot Dog


I really wanted to come up with a funny title referencing wieners for breakfast, but lucky for you, it’s early and I am a lady have to get to work! I did this a year ago after being inspired by Kath. This is a great meal for kids of all ages because it’s fun to eat and delicious. Messy, but delicious! Breakfast Hot Dog: whole wheat hot dog bun banana ketchup jam mustard … [Read more...]

The New Elote Man


I’ve mentioned it before, but Pico has the Elote Man (and this is why Pico is better than most places). The elote man pushes a shopping cart around honking a horn to tell you he’s in the neighborhood. The shopping cart holds a huge pan with corn. He puts it on a stick and slathers on butter, mayo, parm cheese and chile. For a dollar (okay, now it’s two dollars, but worth every … [Read more...]