Breakfast Hot Dog

I really wanted to come up with a funny title referencing wieners for breakfast, but lucky for you, it’s early and I am a lady have to get to work!

I did this a year ago after being inspired by Kath. This is a great meal for kids of all ages because it’s fun to eat and delicious.

Messy, but delicious!IMG 7996 thumb Breakfast Hot Dog

Breakfast Hot Dog:

whole wheat hot dog bun


ketchup jam

mustard PB or Almond Butter

IMG 7997 thumb Breakfast Hot Dog

Stick your banana in the bun and top with condiments of your choice.

I of course used my new fave Cinnamon Raisin PB and TJ’s Organic Strawberry Preserves. Amazing!IMG 7999 thumb Breakfast Hot Dog

Serve with fries. And by fries I mean sliced pears. IMG 7987 thumb Breakfast Hot Dog Happy Friday!


  1. Lisa says

    Looks good to me!! I tricked the BF and said “wanna see a breakfast hot dog?” he’s mad and wants a real hot dog now. ;)

  2. says

    I have also seen this on Kath’s blog before. I always thought it looked super delicious and a really well balanced breakfast.

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