Taco Salad Wrap


I was going to make another taco salad for lunch today, but I was craving a sandwich too. So, I decided a wrap would give me that sandwich “bite” while letting me stuff it full of taco salad veggies – the best of both worlds! I piled lettuce, salsa, mushrooms, sprouts beans and guac on a wrap. Then, wrapped it up and dipped it in more guacamole! Love it! This morning … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Sunday


I was planning on making this for Mexican Meatless Monday, but I couldn’t resist the open guacamole in my fridge and knew it was now or never! Tonight I made massive Taco Salads for dinner. In the bowl – lettuce (sorry, I know it’s nutritionally lacking, but taco salads call for ice burg), tomatoes, red bell peppers, onions, cilantro, mushrooms, cucumbers, sprouts, beans, … [Read more...]