Mexican Meatless Sunday

I was planning on making this for Mexican Meatless Monday, but I couldn’t resist the open guacamole in my fridge and knew it was now or never! Tonight I made massive Taco Salads for dinner. IMG 8044 thumb Mexican Meatless Sunday

In the bowl – lettuce (sorry, I know it’s nutritionally lacking, but taco salads call for ice burg), tomatoes, red bell peppers, onions, cilantro, mushrooms, cucumbers, sprouts, beans, chips and A LOT A LOT of GUACAMOLE. IMG 8047 thumb Mexican Meatless Sunday

I love fat. I have realized in my attempts toward becoming an intuitive eater that I.LOVE.FAT. My body is happiest when I partake in copious amounts of nut butter and avocado. (I know HEAB would feel me on this too.)

In other news, I tried this bar today and did not like it. “Did not like it” is my being nice, get the picture? And did I mention it cost $3.19. For real.IMG 8048 thumb Mexican Meatless Sunday

I do however, like these ice cream cones (the chocolate ones are even better). “Like” is putting it mildly and “am wildly obsessed with” would be a more appropriate term.

IMG 8049 thumb Mexican Meatless Sunday

P.S. I am sick. Ben stayed home sick earlier this week and managed to get me sick too. I have caught too many illnesses in my life from making out with sick-os, you’d think I would learn my lesson icon sad Mexican Meatless Sunday

See you tomorrow!


  1. says

    I hate when I drop major money on a new item & I don’t like it. I have even tried to make myself like things due to the price. haha

    Maple pecan sounds so yummy too. Oh well. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. says

    bummer that expensive bar was lame! feel better soon. i’m majorly sick right now too, although i wish i caught my bug by making out with sickos haha

  3. says

    Taco salads so totally call for lettuce, and it’s not nutritionally devoid! Well, it’s no spinach, but it’s not like you’re putting your beans over chopped up Twinkies, right?

  4. says

    “I have caught too many illnesses in my life from making out with sick-os, you’d think I would learn my lesson”

    Story of my life. Except this time I am the only one that is sick…..

  5. says

    When I see bloggers who confess their love for fat, I get such a big smile on my face :P And I’ve been eyeing up those Skinny Cows at the grocery store lately but wasn’t sure if they were worth the $$. Now I know!

  6. says

    Pro Bars are so expensive! I’ve always wanted to try one, but can never shell out the money for one. Grocery stores should give out free bar samples before you buy a new one.

  7. says

    Don’t you hate spending too much money on something that turns out to be not-so-good? That’s my biggest fear when I splurge on food so I usually wait until someone raves about it for a while or it goes on sale. Have you tried coconut water? It was on sale for 98 cents the other week and I tried it and did not like it at all. It kind of smelled like spoiled milk to me. Yuck.

  8. says

    I like romaine lettuce in my taco salads. I think it has similar crunch as iceberg, but a little better nutritionally than iceberg. I’d recommend trying it!

  9. says

    Your taco salads look awesome!!
    As far as the Pro Bar – I have tried the Lemon/cranberry twist ( or something like that) and I loved it!!! Maybe it was just that flavor that was bad!!

    The skinny cows look awesome – just read in All You Magazine of some new ice creams ( by the pint) coming out from Skinny Cow – they look awesome!!

  10. Haley says

    Oh my goodness.. how good are Skinny Cow cones? Amazing.. I agree with you that the chocolate ones are better. Have you tried the Skinny Cow ice cream cups yet? Also delisH! I really like the Strawberry Cheesecake one & the Dulce de Leche… a must try =)

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