If It’s in the Chest…


I’m still fighting off the KTD (kissing transmitted disease) Ben gave me. I feel a lot better, but still have a lot of congestion. I want to run, but I remember the good advice Glenn Jones gave me in the past - “If it’s in the chest you must rest.” But, I also remembered that I don’t listen to anyone but my damn self so I ran 4.5 miles super slow today. I needed to get out … [Read more...]

Trail Mix on Everything!


I had been craving trail mix for a while and I finally picked some up this weekend. The bad news is, once I have trail mix I find an excuse to put it on everything! Like this afternoon when I made some snackage – watermelon topped with trail mix.  I’m just getting started with new trail mix topped creations!!! I have always loved Dr.Praeger’s veggie burgers, but … [Read more...]